Can you recognize the TV show from its basketball scene?

Can you make every screenshot?

Happy March! The turn of this calendar month means only one thing... March Madness! For basketball fans, the month of March is a pretty big deal. 

To get in the tournament spirit, we've gathered sixteen sweet images from across the decades. You know the shows, but can you recognize their basketball scenes?

Try to match each frame to the correct title! Look closely for familiar characters and other tip-offs. Good luck!

  1. When a character is from Indiana, you can assume he knows a little about basketball.
  2. This old-timer is showing he can sink free throws, granny-style.
  3. When you're playing in the house, you're bound to break something.
  4. The Harlem Globetrotters visited this TV classic in a 1981 made-for-TV movie.
  5. That does not look like a mascot.
  6. Up for a little one-on-one in the driveway?
  7. Who is shooting hoops with Kareem?
  8. Uh oh, looks like someone is getting T'ed up for a technical foul… but who?
  9. "The Younger Brother" showed it wasn't easy filling big bro's athletic shoes.
  10. Now that is a pretty sweet dorm room backboard.
  11. Which Star Trek is this?
  12. This game is taking place on what police procedural show?
  13. This scene takes place in the middle of a basketball practice.
  14. This shot comes from a driveway on...
  15. What about this one?
  16. This shot overlooking a practice has a silhouette of...

Can you recognize the TV show from its basketball scene?

Your Result...

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Moverfan 2 months ago
9/16. In the picture for #12, are we SURE that's not Erik Estrada's little tushie on the right?
GoodMorningMrMilner 2 months ago
You got 13 out of 16
Swish! You hit the game winner! Nice work.
GoodMorningMrMilner 2 months ago
13/16; not bad considering the last quiz I did which I will not mention here, LOL!
hendrix_media 2 months ago
15/16 🏀 🔥 👍 🍻 — kh
wallyandbagfan 2 months ago
I like the DeSoto that Howard Cunningham drove Chuck Cunningham to Basketball Practice and for the next 10 years forgot to pick Chuck back up !
oldmoe51 2 months ago
13/16 I messed up on Gillian’s Island because I never seen the Globe Trotters on there so I guessed the love boat
It was one of the movies they made in the seventies, not one of the fact, it was called The Harlem Globetrotters On Gilligan's Island.
Rick 2 months ago
14/16. No way that silhouette in 16 is the title character.
wallyandbagfan 2 months ago
On Happy Days the Following Characters Vanished from Happy Days with no explanation:
1 Chuck Cunningham played by
Gavan O'Herlihy and Randolph Roberts
2 Bag Zombroski played by Neil J. Schwartz
3 Moose played by Barry Greenberg
4 Eugene Belvin played by Denis Mandel
5 Melvin Belvin played by Scott Bernstein
6 Marsha Simms played by Beatrice Colen
7 Wendy played by MISTY ROWE
8 Dzphne played by Hillary Horan
9 Sticks Downey Jr played by John Anthony Bailey
10 Trudy played by Tita BELL
11 Flip Phillips played by Billy Warlock
12 KC CUNNINGHAM played by Crystal
13 Spike played by Danny Butch
14 Skizzy played by ALAN ABELOU
15 Marilee played by Carol Williams
16 Moose's Girlfriend played by
Carey Williams
17 Gloria played by Linda Purl
18 Leather Tuscedero played by Suzi
19 Arlene Holder played by Tannis G
20 Arlene Nestrock played by Laurette
Arlene Holder :Laurette Spang .
Arlene Nestrock:Tanis G. Montgomery
I had the 2 Arlene's Reversed!)
Runeshaper 2 months ago
13/16😊 🏀

Swish! You hit the game winner! Nice work.
Vamp13 2 months ago
15/16 but guest at 3 of them
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