Do these rabbit ears belong to Bugs Bunny or not?

Don’t get it twisted, these rabbits bear an ear-y resemblance to Bugs.


Bugs Bunny is easily distinguishable from other cartoon rabbits by his lanky limbs, buck teeth and long ears. Even in silhouette, it’s not hard to pick out Bugs. But what about just the ears by themselves?

We’ve gathered some unique images of Bugs Bunny’s ears taken from classic Looney Tunes shorts and mixed them together with other cartoon rabbit ears. Can you tell which ones belong to the wascawwy wabbit and which ones don’t?

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  1. Who do these ears belong to?
  2. Who do these ears belong to?
  3. Who do these ears belong to?
  4. Who do these ears belong to?
  5. Who do these ears belong to?
  6. Who do these ears belong to?
  7. Who do these ears belong to?
  8. Who do these ears belong to?
  9. Who do these ears belong to?
  10. Who do these ears belong to?
  11. Who do these ears belong to?
  12. Who do these ears belong to?
  13. Who do these ears belong to?

Do these rabbit ears belong to Bugs Bunny or not?

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SheriHeffner 40 months ago
10 out of 13. That last one got me. I had no idea he was in a black and white carton.
Marshall_Kolchak 40 months ago
12/13 Anyone know what #11 is from? i ask for no reason in particular...
Shatner1 Marshall_Kolchak 40 months ago
The race with cecil turtle---he was having a steambath!
Marshall_Kolchak Shatner1 40 months ago
Thanks! That was buggin' me!
texasluva 40 months ago
To be or not to be is the question. This be because of MrsPhilHarris giving us the opportunity to see this movie. Congrats again MPH!!!

Key Largo (1948) 1 hr 40 min
Director John Huston

Humphrey Bogart
Edward G. Robinson
Lauren Bacall
Claire Trevor
Lionel Barrymore

Ratatouille (2007) 1 hr 47 min. Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Tomorrow Saturday These Movies can be seen on TCM
The treasure Of The Sierra Madre
The Bridge On The River Kwai
I Want To Live

texasluva texasluva 40 months ago
Easily makes my top 100. Maybe crashes my top 10 movies ever. It is just so good.
texasluva texasluva 40 months ago
Does this just reek of awesomeness? Johnny Rocco.
MrsPhilHarris texasluva 40 months ago
Excellent actor!
texasluva 40 months ago
Friday Night Movie Quiz.

What we have here is one of the all time best Classic noir movies (Action, Crime, Drama). Yeah you know the ones. Keep you on the edge of your seat. Waiting for the next awesome one liner. Who's gonna be next on the hit list or crime boss taken down. You can almost feel those cement galoshes being put on your feet. Then its bottoms up down to the deep abyss. Hark! Our hero is about to turn the tables on such madmen. Yep you know the ones that stick their chin right in the mix. No matter what he does not stay down for the count. We have the same thing in this movie. Probably one of the best known ones during this era. You'll get it all in this movie. Fast and serious talkers. Dames wanting one more belt of a high ball. Another wondering what's to happen next. Others giving their two cents worth. One totally in charge, for now. There is more then just a heist here. Like getting away with a lot of loot. One man who seems leery of doing much of anything might just get in their way, along the way. That is when heroes are born. While one woman waits in hope for a miracle. Watching this movie you wish you were there, sort of on the sidelines. Maybe to get a few barbs or punches in. Though frightful parts are always happening you wait for that moment of glee and everyone lives happily after. Except for the bad guys of course.

In future I will show some newer movies. Ha! Like 1980's. The reason-They are next to impossible to come by. Though once in awhile a few seep through the cracks and I will pounce on to show them. Also the millions that post everything from old radio-classic concerts-poems, library's, movies etc put them in a code name and lucky to find them.

So are you Spartacus or pointing him out?. .

It's nice to get a good laugh out of such things. Though if your the one being scared half out of their wits, I wonder.

Today's photo.

Also including another Animation, Adventure, Comedy movie from 2007.
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Maggie says: Yep, She looked at her watch which was upside down and thought it was 2 instead of 10. I tried telling her
That's the problem...I fell asleep on the couch and DIDN'T look at my watch 😂🤣
MrsPhilHarris Moody 40 months ago
Thanks Moody. I made sure I was on time.
Thanks kindly. I made sure I was on time this week.
Snickers 40 months ago
9 out of 13. Guess I don't know my bunny ears.
Dajj 40 months ago
11/13 ; not bad! I luv Bugsy!!
bnichols23 40 months ago
Feh, I say FEH. SON, that was too, I say too easy. Kids these days, don't even know how to ID a bunny.
VernCaldwell 40 months ago
You would think as much as I love Bugs and company I would have got more right. 7/13.
Oh well, I'll just enjoy the fun of watching the cartoons. You just don't know when one or more might stink then disappear.
pgcatz12 40 months ago
I don’t know Bugs Bunny at all I got 8 correct pitiful
Craigg 40 months ago
You got 11 out of 13
Unfortunately, there's no prize money for this quiz. But you still did great!
TheSentinel 40 months ago
12/13 - Missed the first one.
kkvegas TheSentinel 40 months ago
Me too. I almost gave up after the first question, but then I got on a roll.
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