How well do you know the Bugs Bunny cartoon 'Hair-Raising Hare'?

Do you remember the details of this creepy cartoon?


Though Bugs Bunny's most famous adversaries are Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam, the hilarious hare occasionally faced off against villains that would fit right into a science fiction or horror cartoon. In the short Hair-Raising Hare, Bugs walks unwittingly into the hands of an evil scientist (at least according to the neon sign on the castle) and his big, furry monster.

How well do you know this classic Bugs cartoon? See if you can guess all these detailed questions right.

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  1. Starting off with the title screen, what is above the words?
  2. The evil scientist in this short is based on which classic horror actor?
  3. What catches Bugs' eye and lures him into the creepy castle?
  4. Something behind this door rattles it around. What does the door say on it?
  5. Finish Bugs' line as he tries to leave: "And don't think it hasn't been a little slice of heaven…"
  6. What is the monster wearing on its feet?
  7. After seeing the monster, Bugs holds up a sign that says what?
  8. Who does Bugs ask for in the audience while trying to escape the monster?
  9. What happens when the monster looks in the mirror?
  10. When Bugs pretends to be a manicurist, what adjective does he keep repeating?
  11. Based on the sounds, Bugs takes on the monster by driving this suit of armor like a…
  12. Bugs spears the monster turning it into what type of food?
  13. In the end, what scares the monster so badly that it runs through walls?

How well do you know the Bugs Bunny cartoon 'Hair-Raising Hare'?

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Crisco 7 months ago
11/13. Not bad for last seeing this episode when I was a kid
Bobbo 7 months ago

My stars! What an IN-teresting score. You did great!
Mercer4life49 7 months ago
13/13 My stars! What an IN-teresting score. You did great!
Amalthea 7 months ago
13/13 I kinda cheated; I have a few DVDs of classic WB cartoons. The other day I had a "do-nuthin' day" & I watched one of them and THIS was on it's nice & fresh in my mind.
forthekids 7 months ago
The hairy creature was named(although not on camera)"Gossimer'..but? when are reappeared again in"Water,Water, Everywhere"? The evil scientist(who was changed to a different character)was named"Rudolph".
musicman37 7 months ago
13/13. How could you miss with material like this? One of my favorite Bugs toons (the other? "Water, Water Every Hare", of course!!)
jackbennyfan 7 months ago
I missed two. I remember my dad waking me up just in time for Saturday morning cartoons. Loved it.
mugens 7 months ago
Got 12 out of 13 but ony because my finger and computer mouse wasn't in coordination on one answer.
Steve2021 7 months ago
13 of 13....I love the part when bugs is combing the Monsters hair asking for bobby pins....
kevopilis 7 months ago
7 for 13. Terrible. Trivia- during the 90125 album tour, Yes showed the other
Bugs Bunny cartoon featuring the red monster as an open.
trogg888 7 months ago
My favorite bugs cartoon of all time.
2ndEngineee 7 months ago
If you are a Looney Tunes Fan and you didnt get all of them right you are not a true fan
mzcaligula 7 months ago
“PEOPLE! EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! * crash crash crash crash *
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