Can you find the one artist who NEVER performed on The Ed Sullivan Show?

Dozens of iconic actors, comedians and musicians appeared on the show, but who never took this famous stage?

Appearing on The Ed Sullivan Show was a ticket to instant stardom for up-and-coming acts and a great way to debut new material for established stars. Sullivan had the uncanny ability to spot talent, as evidenced by the number of singers and comedians who went on to become household names after performing on his show.

We’ve collected well-known acts and a few surprises who all appeared on the Ed Sullivan stage and added in one star who never performed on the show. Can you pick that person out on the first try?

  1. Who NEVER performed on The Ed Sullivan Show?

Can you find the one artist who NEVER performed on The Ed Sullivan Show?

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JHP 1 month ago
got it wrong - oh well - thank you Me-Tv for the show on sunday nights - I want to go out and get flannel jammies and have some warm milk while I watch it
Otis49 4 months ago
i guessed right only because I watched every week and didn't remember Bob Dylan.
Todd 6 months ago
I went six or seven before I got Bob Dylan. Most of the tries were eliminations of people I didn't know were on
Mikey58 6 months ago
1 try. I heard about Bob's choice of song a couple of years ago.
Lillyrose 6 months ago
I got the right answer on the 11th try: Bob Dylan.
Oldwatcher73 6 months ago
sometimes we forget SOME of the old actors,characters or shows..the quizzes ar still fun to guess at!
John 7 months ago
Yeesh...took me six tries to get this one right.
StrayCat 7 months ago
Even forgoing a chance for national exposure on Ed Sullivan, Dylan always marched to his own drumbeat.
AMgirl 7 months ago
I just took a guess & got it right, which is surprising considering that even though my family watched Ed Sullivan most Sunday evenings, but my siblings & I weren't really interested unless Jim Henson's Muppets or Topo Gigio, the Italian mouse, were featured. I remember watching Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color on Sunday nights, although I'm not sure if it was competing w/Ed Sullivan at the same time.
LyonsLil 7 months ago
It was a family tradition in our house on Sundays just like Sunday dinners were a must! I actually looked forward to it each week especially when there were rock & roll guests and even Topo Gigio!! 😄😊
Kenner 7 months ago
Feb 9, 1964... Now THAT was a “really big shoe” and I saw it live on TV.
Bjr1947 7 months ago
yeah! one T.V. Dad commanded it! my brother and I were the rabbit ears, but I was working and my brother and I bought a second hand B&W dad was pissed because we hooked it to the main antenna on roof, he lost his captive audience, while we gained a crowd, we watched what we wanted.
JonP 7 months ago
Sullivan was watched every Sunday as I recall. My Dad was a fan and back then it was one TV in the house, in the living room, Dad called the programs when he was home, and I was the remote control who changed the channels.
MarthaWashington 7 months ago
I never cared for Ed Sullivan, even though most of it was before my time...I got it on the first try. I seem to remember Dylan being difficult
Spiro 7 months ago
Ed Sullivan would say we have a "really big show".

But it sounded like "really big shoe".

It's kinda funny.

He ruined Jackie Mason's career because Mason flipped him "the bird". Mason sued him for 3 million.
7 months ago
I guessed Nina Simone.
kkvegas Pilaf 7 months ago
Me too. I got Bob Dylan on my second try.
grandpa5741 7 months ago
Only got it right due to a tip below
bkh111000 7 months ago
got it on my twentieth try
3 more attempts, and you would have made one for every year TESS aired: 1948-1971. Congratulations!
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