Did you know these Carrie facts?

If you've got a taste for terror... Take Carrie to the prom!


1976's Carrie changed the face of horror. In doing so, it put three names on the map: Director Brian DePalma, actress Sissy Spacek, and writer Stephen King.

Before Carrie's release, Stephen King was still a teacher. The movie's success changed King's life, allowing him to quit to write full time.

Let's celebrate Carrie by taking a look back at some trivia! Let us know which facts you knew already, and which ones are new to you! We're just here to share and learn, so share your thoughts in the comments, and maybe you'll learn from someone else's!

  1. Sue and Mrs. Snell are played by real-life mother and daughter. Priscilla Pointer accidentally calls her daughter's character "Amy," the actress' name!
  2. Stephen King was paid just $2,500 for the movie rights to Carrie.
  3. John Travolta auditioned for his role while on a lunch break from Welcome Back, Kotter.
  4. Steven Spielberg frequented the film's set and asked out a bunch of the actresses. The only one who accepted was Amy Irving, who married him a few years later!
  5. Betty Buckley, who played Miss Collins, was just two years older than Sissy Spacek.
  6. Stephen King's name was misspelled in the movie's trailer. He was listed as "Steven," with a "V."
  7. Actress Nancy Allen later married director Brian De Palma from 1979 to 1984.
  8. Brian De Palma and George Lucas held a joint audition for Carrie and Star Wars: A New Hope. Amy Irving read for the part of Princess Leia!
  9. The boy on the bike was played by Brian De Palma's nephew Cameron.
  10. There are 22 deaths in Carrie, more than Halloween and Friday the 13th combined!

Did you know these Carrie facts?

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WilliamJorns 7 months ago
"Woah" is not how you spell the word meaning "stop" or "halt." It's correctly spelled W-H-O-A.
I hate to be a nit-picker, but seeing it misspelled just bothers me.
BradBeall 7 months ago
90% similar, but I honestly didn't actually "know" any of those things. Just guessing, plain and simple.
Geronimo 7 months ago
Did you know these Carrie facts?
You got 100% similar
You got 100% similar to the most popular responses
dmirarh 7 months ago
You got 100% similar, I did not know a one of these facts.
KawiVulc 7 months ago
50%... Never read it in hard copy but Sissy Spacek read the audiobook. Piper Laurie passed a few days back. Momma knew dirty buttons when she saw 'em...
WilliamJorns KawiVulc 7 months ago
I bought a copy and read it a few years back. The novel read more like a tragedy than a horror story, IHMO. I actually felt sorry for Carrie, living with her telekinetic powers but without any friends or relatives to turn to for advice and support.
BorisK 7 months ago
How about a Carrie Quiz instead?
AlbertHanson 7 months ago
I guess I'm the odd man out---0%.
jimmyvici 8 months ago
90% similar. We need more factoid type quizzes like this. Bring ‘em on.
LynCarrigan 8 months ago
I knew 0 Carrie facts. Good book, good movie.
Lantern LynCarrigan 8 months ago
Although the book was better than the movie, it was riddled with continuity errors, which should have been flagged and corrected by the editor who worked with King prior to publication.
Mob39 8 months ago
You got 80% similar to the most popular responses
AllisonWunderland 8 months ago
100%…All of them were new to me 💁‍♀️
gockionni 8 months ago
Whoa, it was all new to me! Was trivia like this really widely known back then?
Wendy57 8 months ago
80% similar.
I like the Carrie movie.
Not so much this quiz.
AlbertHanson Wendy57 7 months ago
The book was a much better psychological/horror story than the movie. It's much scarier to have you think and visualize death scenes instead of having it thrown in your face on the screen. My favorite part in the book was when Carrie killed her mother by stopping her heart instead of impaling her with kitchen implements. But there was one good scene in the movie--when John Revolting met his death when he tried to run Carrie down with his car.
Amalthea AlbertHanson 7 months ago
That's like, one thing I really enjoyed about the remake: when I saw the trailer, I yelled, "THEY HAVE THE STONES!!!!" #IYKYK
Wendy57 AlbertHanson 7 months ago
I’ve got to watch the movie again and key in on that scene.
Try to find the book too.
graceful1970 8 months ago
You got 100% similar. They were all new to me.
LabLove 8 months ago
I knew none and got a 100% similar
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