Are these Hammer horror movies, or are they phony?

Bone-chillingly bona-fide? Or frightening figments of imagination?


While Universal Studios laid the foundation with their cycle of monster movies in the '30s and '40s, British studio Hammer Film Production pushed the genre forward with their exciting, Technicolor releases.

Hammer is best remembered for its string of horror films in the '50s, '60s, and '70s starring the likes of Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. Their vibrant, bloody approach wrested the genre from the staid trappings of 1950s Americana and created some of the most memorable imagery in horror history.

Here's hoping you know your Hammer Horror, because you'll need to harness that know-how in this quiz. We'll present you with a series of titles, and you let us know which are real and which are fake. Good luck, and be sure to share your thoughts and score in the comments section below.

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  1. The Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas
  2. The Man Who Cheated God
  3. The Dungeon of Dr. Jekyll
  4. The Brides of Dracula
  5. The Phantom of the Opera
  6. Dr. Frankenstein, Dental Surgeon
  7. Dracula: Prince of Darkness
  8. Rasputin the Mad Monk
  9. Quatermass and the Pendulum
  10. The Mummy's Shroud
  11. Frankenstein Created Woman
  12. Vengeance of Dracula
  13. Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed
  14. Scars of The Mummy
  15. Captain Kronos — Vampire Hunter

Are these Hammer horror movies, or are they phony?

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Cheddar8 8 months ago
14/15 Somehow I thought The Man Who Cheated God was a real movie.
MikefromJersey 9 months ago
"You got 11 out of 15. Evil has been vanquished once again!"

"Captain Kronos — Vampire Hunter" for my money is the best Hammer film ever. It transcends
being a mere horror flick, it's also a swashbuckler that could have starred Errol Flynn.
A unique one off and a cult classic. Perfect for Saturday night viewing.
BradBeall 9 months ago
Maybe it's just me, but I never liked the Hammer films. They just seem so cheap and amateur, almost as if they were done by a high school acting class. Not that the acting is bad, because it (usually) isn't. There's just something about those films that screams "This is a half-hearted attempt at ripping off an American film". And speaking of such, has there ever been a Hammer version of any of the classic Japanese (Godzilla, Mothra, etc.) films?
Detah BradBeall 8 months ago
Good morning. Hammer never produced anything along the lines of Godzilla. The closest I can think of would be the monster in Quatermass Xperiment (1955). It's no Kaiju, but it is a blob-like monster. To my knowledge, that is the only non-humanoid monster that Hammer ever did. It sounds like you haven't tasted the best that Hammer has to offer. I recommend Horror of Dracula (1958), The Curse of Frankenstein (1957), The Mummy (1959), and The Hound of the Baskervilles (1959). Those are incredible productions with an eye on detail (sets, scenery, props) by the great Bernard Robinson.
HpHoward 9 months ago
Got them all, but have seen nearly all of Hammer's horror/sci-fi productions.
Talking moral horror, you can't beat the Pryer Cushing/Chris Lee Dracula films, with Cushing as the ultimate Van Helsing. Brides of Dracula especially shows this, though Lee wasn't available for that one. Cushing did an evil version of Dr. Frankenstein, but one could always tell Peter was a really good man, even if his characters sometimes were not.
trogg888 9 months ago
Got 11.thought i knew my hammer better than that.we had a horrir host called sivad who hosted a show called fantastic features in memphis tn during the 60s.kind of like a sven. Part scare and part comedy.he did a dracula dress up and would arrive in a real cool lookin horse drawn hearse and he would play a lot of hammer films.
mugens 9 months ago
13 0ut 15. Better than I thought.
dodgebob 9 months ago
10/15, one of my electrodes shorted, lost control of all bodily functions, things going down the street the wrong way.
J59W 9 months ago
Got them all! I watch way too much television.
world_of_night 9 months ago
15/15 I'm a total Hammerhead
dodgebob world_of_night 9 months ago
A regular land shark ah.
Tresix 9 months ago
100%! I don’t know which that I know more: Hammer or Universal. I’ll admit I sometimes confuse Hammer and Amicus, they both have a similar vibe to them.
Trekkie1969 9 months ago
Hammer is my jam, so only getting 12 out of 15 makes me disappointed in myself.
TSeym22 9 months ago
10/15 I've liked the ones I've seen, but I'm certainly not a Hammer aficionado.
Pastorgman 9 months ago
15/15 - My favourite Hammer Films have to be Dracula Has Risen From The Grave and Curse of The WereWolf! All in all, Hammer produced some scary movies!
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