Did these Westerns debut in the '50s or '60s?

Which decade did these Westerns first take over the West?

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In the West, there are a lot of things to do. You can fight bad guys, ride horses in the sunset and live adventurous lives. Many of these shows in the genre debuted around the same time. Do you remember being a child or young adult and seeing Bonanza or Have Gun - Will Travel for the very first time?

Do you know if these Westerns debuted in the '50s or '60s?

  1. Did Bonanza debut in the '50s or '60s?
  2. Did The Wild Wild West debut in the '50s or '60s?
  3. Did Have Gun - Will Travel debut in the '50s or '60s?
  4. Did The Big Valley debut in the '50s or '60s?
  5. Did Wanted: Dead or Alive debut in the '50s or '60s?
  6. Did The Rifleman debut in the '50s or '60s?
  7. Did Wagon Train debut in the '50s or '60s?
  8. Did Rawhide debut in the '50s or '60s?
  9. Did Gunsmoke debut in the '50s or '60s?

Did these Westerns debut in the '50s or '60s?

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