A 1963 car crash left Richard Boone severely hurt

Police reported that Boone had a possible broken nose and ribs. Yet, despite the setback, he appeared in a film a year later.

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A few names instantly come to mind when you think of Western stars. These are ideally people who starred in classic Western series or movies that will never be forgotten.

Richard Boone is one of those individuals who left a long-lasting impact on the genre and perfectly portrayed life in the West.

When actors are involved in accidents, fans worldwide wish them a speedy recovery. The news of these accidents spread easily in today's society, but the most common way to get news in the '60s was by reading newspapers.

In September of 1963, the star of the Western series Have Gun - Will Travel was severely hurt in a car accident in California. According to a police report mentioned in The Charlotte News, the actor was hospitalized after his sports car hit a parked car.

The article states, "Boone's head hit the windshield of his Maserati, and his chest broke the steering wheel." Although he was hurt and in pain, Boone managed to walk nearly two blocks to his home in the suburb of Pacific Palisades, where his wife, Claire, called the hospital.

Reportedly, he had to have surgery at St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica. When severe accidents like this happen, it's common to have cuts, bruises and broken bones. Police reported that Boone had a possible broken nose and ribs. Of course, there were damages to his car, estimated to be $3,000 according to the article. 

Fortunately, the actor recovered from the accident and appeared in the 1964 film Rio Conchos. He also won a Golden Globe for Best Show with The Richard Boone Show that same year. A year later, he starred in The War Lord (1965), and Hombre (1967) followed.

Despite the setback, Boone was still in high demand, appearing in several more films and receiving different production opportunities. He even became a cultural ambassador for the state of Florida.

There's one thing we know for sure. We're glad Boone recovered because the Western genre wouldn't have been the same without his talents.

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Mani 12 months ago
And the fifties he starred in an early medical show called Medic. Where he play the doctor and the stories were dramatized. It was Advanced for its day
Concrete64 17 months ago
An early, obscure role for him was playing Aldinger in James Mason's The Desert Fox. Also liked him with Paul Newman in Hombre.
same 17 months ago
Richard Boone is distantly related to Pat Boone the singer.
gymgirl 17 months ago
One of my husband's favorite western actors. Glad it all turned out ok.
texasluva 18 months ago
I've always liked Richard Boone good or bad characters. He was pitted against John Russell (played by Paul Newman) (1967) in Hombre'. Also the villain in Big Jake vs John Wayne's character (1971) Many more including "Have Gun - Will Travel" Western series. What I did not know is he played ministers (voice) uncredited in Oceans 11 (1960). A lot of times when movies are being produced at a lot there are others doing movies and then just slide on over and make a few bucks on another. Same as Shirley MacLaine did in Oceans Eleven also (Tipsy Girl part) also uncredited. Shirley MacLaine's tipsy uncredited cameo was ad-libbed by the actress, for which she reportedly received a brand new car from "Warner Bros." as compensation. Her line, "I'm so drunk I don't think I could lie down without holding on," was a rehash of a classic Dean Martin line. Back to Richard's Boones sermon in Oceans 11 it starts at 204:13 and ends at 2:05:50 of a 2:07:25 long movie. "Actor Richard Boone supplied the voice of the minister giving the eulogy at the end of the film although he is not seen on screen" You learn something new everyday. In 1964, after his repertory television series was canceled, Mr. Boone left Hollywood and went to live in Hawaii for seven years. Mr. Boone, who was born in Los Angeles, was a seventh-generation nephew of the pioneer Daniel Boone.
ELEANOR 18 months ago
HELLO METV STAFF, anyone who is "severely hurt" can be better characterized as being "severely injured." Hurt means that you have a black eye. Severely injured means that your nose is possibly broken and so are your ribs. On another note, since he appeared in Westerns and other tough guy parts, a crooked nose and a limp would only add to his characterizations.
ELEANOR 18 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Pacificsun 18 months ago
Nobody's fortunate in any car accident, except relative to the worse case scenario. But at least he walked to his home, seat belts probably weren't required and he could've been thrown, and a Maserati doesn't afford a lot of protection.
BrittReid Pacificsun 18 months ago
No vehicle affords any protection without a seat belt.Amazed he could walk after that impact. Seat belts not required until 1968.
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