Answer these questions, and we'll guess your favorite Western Christmas episode

Let's take a trip to the Wild West for Christmas.

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When thinking about classic Christmas episodes, sometimes people forget to mention the ones from Western series. It could be because many holiday-themed Western episodes weren't family-gathering and jolly ones like sitcoms. Some showed a different side of the holiday season, a side that can pull on viewers' heartstrings worldwide.

How often do you indulge in Western episodes? Answer these questions, and we'll guess which holiday episode is your favorite.

Let's take a trip to the Wild Wild West for Christmas.

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  1. Which western series could you watch all day?
  2. If you lived in the West, and needed help, who would you call?
  3. How do you prefer to watch your Westerns?
  4. What type of Western shows do you like?
  5. Finish the sentence: My favorite Western series debuted in...
  6. Would you be happy if there was a remake of your favorite Western?
  7. When did you start watching Westerns?
  8. How often do you watch Westerns?

Answer these questions, and we'll guess your favorite Western Christmas episode

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Herbert 9 months ago
That's a pretty good answer.
Runeshaper 9 months ago
You got "The St. Nicholas Story"

Your favorite Western episode is from Wagon Train. In this episode, it's almost Christmas Eve, but a little lost boy has been captured.
MaryHelen 9 months ago
this is not about your favorite western but about your favorite western christmas episode.
got mine WRONG!!! my favorite is the one with the orphans on gunsmoke-- had a young Jodie foster the actress who played joanie on happy days-amng othere child stars of the time
Kaydee 9 months ago
Actually by a slim margin it's Gunsmoke not Bonanza.
SteveMcnary 9 months ago
I got Bonanza which isn't one of my favorites. My favorite is The Wild Wild West followed by Rawhide, Have Gun Will Travel, Wagon Train.
JHP 9 months ago
since I am no B/W western show expert - does that profile look like Dave Gahan (from depeche mode:))
rockinsuzy 9 months ago
The first question gives it away. Which would you watch all day would most likely be your favorite western.
bukhrn 9 months ago
I don't know how they figured, Bonanza was my fav, Im not a big Bonanza fan, and didn't answer anything about Bonanza.
Elliottlee 9 months ago
Paladin was so cool and calm and would kick ass if he had to. He was the man!!!
DK 9 months ago
A Christmas Story. I don't like that movie.
SusanTammy 9 months ago
You got "A Christmas Story"
Your favorite Western Christmas episode is from Bonanza and includes a guest star, Wayne Newton, as Andy Walker.
tootsieg 9 months ago
I got Bonanza - A Christmas Story.
It is a good episode.
stagebandman 9 months ago
Have Gun? No, the Wanted Dead Or Alive Christmas show was the best!
JHP 9 months ago

#1 thru #8

wait for it wait for it wait for it - dont care - where is the cisco kid?!
bukhrn JHP 9 months ago
Or Hopalong Cassidy
JHP bukhrn 9 months ago
like the show on old time xm radio ch 148
pasewalk1212 9 months ago
I like western movies
JHP pasewalk1212 9 months ago
Eastwood movies are - well light years above anything else

High Plains drifter - and Richard Kiel in pale rider - enuf said - Josey Wales
BrittReid JHP 9 months ago
The Outlaw Josey Wales....Great Flick
JHP BrittReid 9 months ago
in my top 10 flicks for sure
"ol' missouri boat ride" - that is soooo Clint Eastwood
so many other clips/lines in that movie
Zip 9 months ago
I got "A Christmas Story" from Bonanza. Ok, I guess. Even though my favorite Western Christmas episode is "Eight Cent Reward" from Wanted: Dead or Alive.(Though that show wasn't in the running up there)
RobertK 9 months ago
I got P.S. Murry Christmas. Nailed it on this one. Gunsmoke was one of my favorites, along with Maverick. I liked the B&W episodes best. When the shows came out in color, I was surprised that Miss Kitty was a redhead! She certainly was feisty...
stagebandman RobertK 9 months ago
That's a great one!
AndrewHass 9 months ago
I got Wagon Train The St. Nicholas Story
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