Did these actors start off on classic shows as their most famous characters or someone else?

Did actors from M*A*S*H, Gunsmoke, Hogan’s Heroes and more play one-off characters before joining the cast?

The rules of continuity were far less strict on television in the Sixties than they are now. The same actor could play multiple characters or the same character could be played by multiple actors without many complaints from the audience.

That led to actors getting cast in main roles after they had impressed producers as one-off guest characters in years prior.

Here are 12 famous faces in their very first appearances on classic shows. Try to guess who is playing the character they’re known for and who is guest starring as someone else entirely.

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  1. His first time on The Andy Griffith Show, did Hal Smith play Otis Campbell or someone else?
  2. His first time on Gunsmoke (on the right), did Ken Curtis play Festus or someone else?
  3. His first time on The Love Boat, did Ted Lange play bartender Isaac Washington or someone else?
  4. Her first time on Mama's Family, did Beverly Archer play neighbor Iola or someone else?
  5. His first time on Hogan's Heroes, did Howard Caine play Major Hochstetter or someone else?
  6. His first time on The Dick Van Dyke Show, did Richard Deacon play producer Mel Cooley or someone else?
  7. His first time on M*A*S*H, did Harry Morgan play Colonel Potter or someone else?
  8. Her first time on Happy Days, did Lynda Hamilton play Richie's girlfriend Lori Beth or someone else?
  9. His first time on Bonanza, did Ray Teal play sheriff Roy Coffee or someone else?
  10. His first time on Gomer Pyle, did Forrest Compton play Col. Edward Gray or someone else?
  11. Her first time on The Waltons, did Ronnie Claire Edwards play Corabeth or someone else?
  12. His first time on Maverick, did Roger Moore play cousin Beauregarde Maverick or someone else?

Did these actors start off on classic shows as their most famous characters or someone else?

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DominicMarks 5 days ago
Almost fooled me on numbers 5, 8 n 10 but knew they played another character before being cast in role their known for.
gene 13 days ago
richard deacon was also in blackboard jungle with marlin brando
Jamesatkinson 14 days ago
100%, I surprised myself 😯😝
Jamesatkinson 14 days ago
100%, I surprised myself 😯😝
Muleskinner 14 days ago
11/12. I missed Forrest Compton on Gomer Pyle. 🙂
Sydneyb 17 days ago
Can’t you guys play more episodes of the Andy Griffth show it more then what you play and what about the ones in color?
FOXXYGMA01 17 days ago
Love MeTV. The channel we watch most.
ELEANOR 17 days ago
I and I'm sure many others, nailed #7. All others were an educated guess.
MarkSpeck 18 days ago
11 out of 12. Didn't know the Howard Caine question.
MichaelGreene 18 days ago
Richard Deacon was a versatile actor. In the movie "Them!" from 1954, he has a brief uncredited bit as a reporter...even in 1954, he was mostly bald, and wearing glasses. Five years later, he played a staff artist in "-30-", alongside Jack Webb and William Conrad.
JimmyD 19 days ago
10/12 Pretty good considering I guessed on all of them except Harry Morgan. Who could forget the crazy General he played.
Wendy57 19 days ago
Some known and some lucky guesses.
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