How well do you know the Oscar-winning Tom and Jerry short ''The Cat Concerto''?

Only classic cartoon connoisseurs can hit every note on this quiz.


“The Cat Concerto” stands out among Tom and Jerry shorts for its impeccable timing, great gags and unique setting. Instead of the typical house or backyard, this cartoon takes place in a grand concert hall. Tom is a pretentious pianist trying to hold it together as Jerry interrupts his performance again and again.

How well do you remember this fan-favorite short? Try your luck below!

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  1. Like many Tom and Jerry shorts, this one is directed by which animation icons?
  2. What does Tom do before he starts playing?
  3. What happens to Jerry while Tom is playing?
  4. Where does Jerry pop out from here?
  5. What household item does Jerry use against Tom’s fingers?
  6. Jerry takes away two piano keys and replaces them with what?
  7. How does Tom reach the very high notes on the piano?
  8. Where does Tom put Jerry after he catches him?
  9. Jerry gets knocked around by the piano hammers in what way?
  10. What happens after Tom exhausts himself trying to keep up with Jerry?
  11. The song used for this cartoon is Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 by which composer?

How well do you know the Oscar-winning Tom and Jerry short ''The Cat Concerto''?

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BradBeall 2 months ago
Everything I know about classical music (which ain't much) can be attributed to watching cartoons!
nemalki 15 months ago
11/11. This and Rhapsody Rabbit are legendary shorts with similar parts, but this one got the Oscar. So much controversy about which came first. Doesn't really matter, they're among the top tiers of Tom & Jerry and Bugs Bunny shorts.
CortneyNicole 29 months ago
I got 8/11. I did pretty good on this since I watch Tom and Jerry back the day.
Muleskinner 29 months ago
3/11. I guess I’ve never met “The Cat Concerto.” 🐈
adamsbabe 29 months ago
Saturday morning cartoons are great after a long week
Filmnoirfan adamsbabe 29 months ago
Saturday afternoons are usually better
Toonhead 29 months ago
10/11 not quite the top of the Liszt!
Snickers 29 months ago
9/11. I'm back but going to see my heart doctor on Jan.24th about the Aortic aneurysm the echogram discovered so still not out of the woods yet.
Toonhead Snickers 29 months ago
Hang in there. Good luck! 😎👍
Snickers Toonhead 29 months ago
Thank you for the kind words.
jtrain 29 months ago
10/11, got the last one wrong!
MichaelSkaggs 29 months ago
10 out of 11. Missed only the first one. Tom and Jerry rock!!
Filmnoirfan 29 months ago
4/11 - certainly cannot be accused of cheating, although obviously should have. I remember watching this episode when I was in elementary school, but clearly not much of it
marmetv20 29 months ago
6/11 wow I thot I would do better!
RobertM 29 months ago
#11 was easy for me—I have some Hungarian blood on my mother’s side.
RobertM 29 months ago
This comment has been removed.
KJExpress 29 months ago
6/11. I don't know why I keep taking cartoon quizzes. I never do well on them. 😑
MrsPhilHarris KJExpress 29 months ago
Same score as me.
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