Pick your favorite M*A*S*H character and we’ll give you a New Year’s resolution

Do you resolve to take life less seriously, go strictly by the book, or enjoy more art?


The many great characters on M*A*S*H are a huge part of the reason the show has become a classic. The differing personalities clashed perfectly in funny, dramatic and sometimes profound ways.

We’ve written 12 New Year’s resolutions inspired by our favorite 4077th members. Pick your favorite character and see what resolution you get! Feel free to choose more than one, we know it’s hard to find a single favorite from this group.

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  1. Whose resolution will you go with this year?

Pick your favorite M*A*S*H character and we’ll give you a New Year’s resolution

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RB 29 months ago
Nobody on the show I don't like. Actors, I mean, not necessarily characters. But Radar/Gary Burghoff will always be my favorite.
PulsarStargrave 29 months ago
Col. HENRY BLAKE! The show started its decline after they made the decision to kill off his character instead of leaving the door open a crack if Stevenson wanted to return! The gags became increasingly labored quips with each passing season from then onward!
Pacificsun PulsarStargrave 29 months ago
Every show is going to change after about 5 years. Even the actors admit to reaching the end of their story arc. And because of the setting and the premise there's only so much that can be explored pertaining to their theme. I liked Blake better too, he was novel, kind of innocent, and represented getting caught up in the war against his preference, better than Potter who was just an extension of the military machine. So I get it. But because the show was really being pushed to continue, it forced the writers to come up with some richer scripts and explore the individual characters with more depth.
tintin 29 months ago
Everybody loves Betty White whom we have lost recently. Why have we not heard anything about the Golden girls?
RichLorn 29 months ago
I wanted to pick Sydney Friedman, so I could hypnotize people and make them crow like a rooster.
MrChrisM 29 months ago
I have the utmost respect for Alan Alda
LincolnTek 29 months ago
Who else clicks every picture to read what it says ?
garibaldi 29 months ago
I would have to see two semi regulars included; col. Flagg and Sydney Freeman
L 29 months ago
Besides, whom I like depends on my mood. Sometimes it's Hawkeye, sometimes it's Radar but it's almost always Klinger.
L 29 months ago
I don't believe in making resolutions.
Coldnorth 29 months ago
Before Covid 19 I lived like trapper John. I now have a more somber look at life.
AllisonWunderland 29 months ago
I’m just gonna read the comments on this one 😆
Wenatchee7 29 months ago
Looks like I'm going golfing and fishing this year. Thanks,Henry Blake.
gmorris 29 months ago
I picked Hawkeye. Definitely how I am
tootsieg 29 months ago
I picked Trapper John. Perfect buddy for Hawkeye.
Filmnoirfan 29 months ago
Not a big fan of the show but picked B.J. Honeycutt and MeTV piled on a series of unattainable goals known as resolutions
Steelernut3 30 months ago
I've never been attracted to Asian women... NOTHING RACEIST AT ALL! Just not attracted to them..... UNTIL I SAW HER!!!! I've always loved big women and I swear I would have proposed to her the second I saw her! She was the most BEAUTIFUL woman on that show! If I was a doctor she couldn't have been my nurse I couldn't pay attention to my patient my eyes would have been glued to her! R.I.P Nurse Beautiful!
Steelernut3 Steelernut3 30 months ago
BTW.... Hawkeye was an IDIOT letting her get away!
RichLorn Steelernut3 29 months ago
I thought she was Hawaiian?
tintin RichLorn 29 months ago
If you’re talking about nurse Kelly then I believe she was Hawaiian or Polynesian.
FatOlBroad tintin 29 months ago
Half Hawaiian and half Chinese, I think. 😻
30 months ago
Sums me up quite well …

You picked Lieutenant Kellye!

You resolve to use your many skills both in the service of others and to help yourself. You may not be the loudest voice in the room, but there’s no overlooking everything you’re about to do this year.
CoreyC 30 months ago
Klinger was the funniest character. I picked him.
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