Did Roger Corman produce these movies?

Well... Did he?!


On May 9th, 2024, Hollywood lost one of its truest pioneers.

Roger Corman was the king of the low-budget Z-movie and helped launch the career of filmmaking royalty from Ron Howard to William Shatner. 

What better way to remember the Hollywood luminary than by looking back with a quiz about the man himself? How well do you know Corman's filmography? More importantly, can you tell which movies he DIDN'T produce?

Find out, and be sure to share your score in the comments section below.

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  1. The Fast and the Furious (1954)
  2. Attack of the 50 Foot Woman
  3. Plan 9 From Outer Space
  4. X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes
  5. The Thing from Another World
  6. Dementia 13
  7. The Trip
  8. Barbarella
  9. Sharknado
  10. Sharktopus

Did Roger Corman produce these movies?

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mcharris 6 days ago
8 out of 10. What about the Terror with smilin Jack Nicholson and the interesting The Undead.
DethBiz 11 days ago
10 out of 10. No Death Race 2000? C'mon!
Dajj 13 days ago
I love some of his movies that he had The Great Vincent Price in.
CouchPotato19 Dajj 11 days ago
And The Great Peter Lorre and The Great Boris Karloff!!
Mark 14 days ago
10 out of 10...a few easy ones, a couple of guesses.
The1Butler 14 days ago
Guessing yes on all questions gets you 5 of 5 !
spalding69 15 days ago
10/10 all his movies were trash sorry I watched them.
Ready2go 15 days ago
8/10. Crab Monsters is a favorite !
Charleshorse 16 days ago
Lit tle, Little Shop of Horrors. Jack Nicolson had a very small part in the movie.
" Feed me!" " I didn't mean it."
Bapa1 16 days ago
7/10, and guessed. Sharktopus.
sjbang88 16 days ago
8/10 Roger Corman was legendary.
BradBeall 16 days ago
Only 4 out of 10, which doesn't seem right, because I honestly love a good, a.k.a. cheesy and cheap scary movie!
retro6 BradBeall 15 days ago
Same and I got 2/10
Big3Fan 16 days ago
Only seven. Rest in peace, Mr. Corman.
Bigwheel1 16 days ago
8/10 All lucky guesses not bad 🥴
sjbang88 Bigwheel1 16 days ago
not bad at all
MikefromJersey 16 days ago
"You got 9 out of 10. You sure know your B-movies, pal!"
Guessed on # 10, and guessed wrong.
RIP Roger.
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