Daily Andy Griffith Quiz: ''The Great Filling Station Robbery''

In which Detective Andy is on the case!

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This quiz is about Season 3, Episode 22: "The Great Filling Station Robbery". See which details you recall, and which you might need a little refresher on. Good luck, have fun, and be sure to share your score (cumulative or otherwise) in the comment section below!

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  1. When the episode opens, what is Barney setting up?
  2. Which phrase does Barney make Opie repeat over and over?
  3. Mr. Carter says Jimmy Morgan stole the ________ out of his car.
  4. Gomer reports that Wally's ______ are missing.
  5. Which superhero does Gomer mention?
  6. Where does the thief hide?
  7. Barney has "photographic evidence" developed. Who's in the picture?
  8. Jimmy wired the _________ to shock anyone who touched it.
  9. Who's the real crook?
  10. "Juanita, Juanita, she of beauty beyond ___________."

Daily Andy Griffith Quiz: ''The Great Filling Station Robbery''

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Gradyb77 6 days ago
9/10. Missed #9. This is proof positive the camera does not lie.
Zip 11 days ago
Getting better.
I love Barney's "photographic evidence!"

Btw, the last option for #2 would be just creepy.... and inapporpriate, if you knew the context of that dialog in Ghostbusters. And the thought of Barney saying that to Opie? Ewww.
Gunsmoked 12 days ago
8 / 10 Been awhile since i seen that one ⚡😊⚡
HoadieSnitch 15 days ago
10/10. Now if we can just get one prisoner to hold the other one up like that, we can hear every word 😂
mda 17 days ago
10/10. Barney holds Opie up to the intercom box. Funny.
Wv918 17 days ago
Couldn’t remember the superhero Gomer mentioned
8176Morgan Wv918 9 days ago
That should have been easy. Shazam! I missed the real crook's name as I had to take a wild guess on that one.
seltaeb 17 days ago
I think Jimmy was the same guy in the 1st Season who wanted to fight the new stranger in town, because he was bothering his sister Lucy.
JHP 17 days ago
10/10 ez peasy

Another TAGS foible (s) - when BARN strings up the camera in the gas station it cannot take a pic cause the door opens to the inside ; no way putting tension to trip the shutter ; foible #1a - the film had to be high speed because the thefts were at night and the camera was set on a shelf that could never get a shot of the door opening

Now if you were Jimmy - why would he visit the cop shop being accused of the thefts?

Also am sure there was another door (double - like a barn door) behind the car that the perp in the trunk was hiding in

O' malley (or whatever he was) - "lock him up andy ; this kid got sticky fingers" Not if he dropped a auto battery ( they are heavy :))

Ok I watch too much Perry Mason and Columbo
mda JHP 17 days ago
What is a cop shop?
JHP mda 16 days ago
in the terms of mayberry - its the courthouse ; otherwise it is called a precinct
the "cop shop" term does date me but I know others on this site have heard of it
graceful1970 18 days ago
You got 9 out of 10
Things turned out beautifully!
Mark112763 18 days ago
A perfect score!... But there's no excuse if I hadn't because I've seen the episode about 100 times.
Fred_Clampett 18 days ago
10 of 10. Did have to guess on some of them.
KawiVulc 18 days ago
9/10... missed the crook's name.
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