Can you translate all this CB radio lingo?

Do you roger that?

CB radio was all the rage in the Seventies. It was the social media and cellphone of the era. Don't believe us, younger folks? The CB fad was pervasive throughout pop culture.

There were "trucksplotation" movies like Citizens Band, C.B. Hustlers and Convoy. Of course, Smokey and the Bandit turned trucker slang into common parlance. On the radio dial, you had hit trucker songs such as C.W. McCall's "Convoy" and Cledus Maggard's "The White Knight." Meanwhile, on TV, networks served up C.B.-centric entertainment like Movin' On and B.J. and the Bear. There was a cartoon called The C.B. Bears. Heck, even The Paul Lynde Halloween Special of 1976 featured an entire comedy segment about CB radio.

If you lived through the 1970s, the craze was unavoidable. Even the maker of this quiz had a CB radio and handle as a kid ("Rocky"). 

So… how well do you remember the slang? Try to translate this CB radio lingo!

  1. Smokey
  2. 10-4
  3. Double-nickels
  4. Go-go juice
  5. Full grown bear
  6. Alligator or Gator
  7. Evel Knievel
  8. Driving award
  9. Skateboard
  10. Green stamps
  11. Brush your teeth and comb your hair
  12. Chicken coop
  13. 10-1
  14. Schneider eggs
  15. Sesame Street

Can you translate all this CB radio lingo?

Your Result...

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Coolrain 4 months ago
15/15 - May daddy was a truck driver and we had CB Radio in the home, not just his truck.
gockionni 5 months ago
10/15 - does it kinda depend on where in America you are? Never heard of a stater called a full grown bear lol
MrsGuthrie 5 months ago
I got 12/15 not good since I was raised by a pack of truckers. Mom, dad, step dad, one aunt and various uncles. I remember climbing in and out of the big rigs at 3 years old and sleeping on the doghouse.
LH MrsGuthrie 5 months ago
How FUN! My dad was a school teacher. NOT so fun!
abuadamin 5 months ago
You forgot a “Pregnant Rollerskate”
DethBiz 5 months ago
What about Kojak with a Kodak.
Filmnoirfan 5 months ago
9/15 - been a while since I have been part of a convoy
bsantaniello 5 months ago
8/15. Guesswork
LH bsantaniello 5 months ago
Same here. I really only knew the first 3
Oldielover 5 months ago
8/15...Not too bad,but not too good--...And I'm okay with that. Those years of driving to grandmas house in another state--...My dad had one and kept it on from the moment we started the trip until we got to our destination.....6 hours of glorious static,and the occasional "breaker,breaker,1-9 what's your 20?" from my dad every 2-3 hours....Ahhh,good times!!
DIGGER1 5 months ago
Can you translate all this CB radio lingo?
You got 13 out of 15
You put the hammer down, good neighbor! Nice work! 10-99.
Okay, so I don't speak as well as the "BANDIT" or the "SNOWMAN" in the "SMOKEY & THE BANDIT" films.
Zip 5 months ago
7 out of 15. Boy, I tanked on that one. I'd better listen to that Convoy song again.
cseeley90 5 months ago
Awesome quiz! Just slip me in the "Rocking Chair"!
Rebec56 5 months ago
LH Rebec56 5 months ago
You’re kidding! That’s great
robyni23 5 months ago
You got 11 out of 15
You put the hammer down, good neighbor! Nice work! 10-99.
Missed, 4, 12, 13 & 15
A lot of guesses.
George 5 months ago
I remembered when the smokeys used transams in the day, they were faster than regular cars, when the transam went from the bandit size down the knight rider version, it was an downer, breaker 19 breaker 19,I'm 10-10 on the side good buddy, catch you on the flipside, I'm gone bye-bye, think ill find and watch convoy, superior to the bandit. now if dirty Lyle was chasing the bandit, instead of the duck, who knows. I'm gone.
MaryAnn 5 months ago
My first husband was a truck driver, so I thought I was gonna ace this. As I was missing a few, I realized that I used to ride with him a lot in the late 80s. There were 4 I missed that I’d never heard. Green Stamps, Brush your teeth and comb your hair, 10-1, and Sesame Street. The rest of them? Piece o’ guessing.
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