Can you guess what other show the cast of Green Acres is on?

They were on sitcoms, sci-fi shows and Westerns before and after their days in Hooterville.

Green Acres used an ensemble cast of wonderfully wacky small-towners to utterly confuse and frustrate New York City lawyer Oliver Wendell Douglas. Even his Manhattan-loving wife, Lisa, seemed to fit in more in Hooterville than Oliver ever did.

The storekeeper, county agent, sleazy salesman and other Hooterville residents were all played by veteran character actors who had been in plenty of other programs before Green Acres and would go on to be in many more after it ended. Can you guess what other shows each of these Green Acres actors are on?

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  1. What show is Eddie Albert on here?
  2. Can you tell what show Frank Cady is on?
  3. What show is Mary Grace Canfield on here?
  4. Here's Tom Lester as Eb but on what other show?
  5. Do you know what early Sixties drama Eva Gabor is on?
  6. Pat Buttram is stopping traffic on which show?
  7. What show is Sid Melton on here?
  8. Frank Patterson is ominously staring on which show?
  9. Which Western is Barbara Pepper on here?
  10. Alvy Moore is in an episode of which sitcom?

Can you guess what other show the cast of Green Acres is on?

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Moverfan 14 days ago
Re: #6--Will somebody go get Mr. Haney out of the street before he gets arrested for annoying a police officer? (On the other hand...)
Pacificsun 1 month ago
And the Hatfields and the McCoys are at it again! 😉
Pacificsun 1 month ago
That was a great quiz!!

Tom Lester was in very few other shows as I recall from MeTV's article about him. But Beverly Hillbillies was keeping it within the same universe.
TZ_TAGS_59NC 1 month ago
7 of 10, missed two easy ones 🙄
Wendy57 1 month ago
Fun quiz, but #5 stumped me.
Zip 1 month ago
5 out of 10. Never really watched Green Acres, but I thought I might know some of the other shows. I did. At least five of them.
richardkel 1 month ago
9/10. Missed #5. I never saw any of those shows. Actually remembered the rest and/or recognized the show from the main characters being in the scene.
AllisonWunderland 1 month ago
8/10...Missed 4 & 8. That #7 almost got me tho 😜
327053 1 month ago
Got 7 outta 10 almost had it 🥜
Moody 1 month ago
7/10. That's a scary looking lady in #9.
texasluva Moody 1 month ago
She'll tell you what for too. Like-Yankees! You root for the Yankees?
AllisonWunderland Moody 1 month ago
Isn't that Arnold Ziffel's mom? 🐷😆
stephaniestavr5 Moody 1 month ago
Lucille Ball wouldn't have thought she was so "scary looking," (I don't imagine.) Barbara Pepper was one of her closest friends.
stephaniestavr5 Moody 1 month ago
Hi, Moody!
Just wanted to wish the Yankees good luck tonight! (Sort of.) They're going to need it, going up against Lance Lynn! Too bad the Yankees most recent acquisition, (the one someone on You Tube affectionately. I'm assuming,) called "Lou Gehrig," won't be playing in the game. I think you know who I'm talking about. He doesn't get the pleasure of facing possibly, his former teammate, Craig Kimbrel, (even though he is a reliever.) But as you probably know, he unfortunately has Covid.
I would like it if the White Sox won, but as long as they don't get shut out, I will be happy. The main thing is, that Chicago the place of my birth, is once again, part of an historic event! PLAY BALL!
stephaniestavr5 Moody 1 month ago

Hey Moody! Are you feeling a bit moody because your beloved Yankees LOST to the White Sox?!?! I had no idea, (if knew I had forgotten) that this win was #1 for the Sox against the Yankees this season. It was a good game, though. A couple of those home runs may take a while to find, perhaps, perhaps not.
17 runs 8 home runs, and who better to get the party started by scoring the 1st run: Jose Abreu, position: 1st base! I will admit, I was a bit worried when Awesome Aussie Liam Hendricks gave up that go ahead homer....But, it all worked out in the end! Again, my condolences!
I didn't know that, so it was another good reason to go to wiki. She was a real beauty in the early years of her career. It's the cite regarding Lucille Ball.

"A long-time friend of Lucille Ball, Pepper was first considered for the role of Ethel Mertz on I Love Lucy, but was passed over, purportedly due to the fact that she had a drinking problem. William Frawley ("Fred Mertz") did, likewise, and had already been cast. It was felt that having two drinkers in the cast might eventually cause difficulties so another actress was sought.

If Ms. Vance hadn't been chosen, I could see Barbara Pepper as Ethel. She would've been a formidable opposite to Bill Frawley! (Taking no prisoners!). No wonder they passed on her! 😉
Were you aware that Lucy had no idea VV was being for the part of Ethel. Desi surprised when he brought her to the studio. They didn't like each other at first, but if memory serves, the hatred didn't last that long, ands as you know they wound up being the best of friends.
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