Can you tell which Brady Bunch kid said these lines?

Multiple choice. Six kids. One correct answer. Think you can match the right Brady kid to these lines from The Brady Bunch?

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With six children under the same roof, there's no telling what can happen. 

A lot happened on The Brady Bunch, and through the wholesome moments, sad situations and all the arguments, some classic lines have been remembered for decades now. 

Take a look at the lines below, all coming from one of the Brady children, and see if you can correctly guess which one said it! 

Think carefully, and good luck! 

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  1. Who said: "Then give it to the king and get me some bologna."
  2. Who said: "Oh, my nose!"
  3. Who said: "Sorry! I can't inhale all the time!"
  4. Who said: "Pork chops and apple sauce. Ain't that swell?"
  5. Who said: "Operator, we're having trouble with our phone. Will you call back at 762-0799 please? Thank you."
  6. Who said: "Maybe there are wild animals around here..."
  7. Who said: "Remember dad we're talking man to man now, not kid to man, man to man, but man to man, man to man."
  8. Who said: "Okay Joe. We've only got time for one more play, and we need six big ones to win. This is it Joe."
  9. Who said: "Are you sure you can lick him?"
  10. Who said: "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!"
  11. Who said: "You want to see something stupid, you should see your face!"
  12. Who said: "I just met you, I couldn't let you look at my naked knee."

Can you tell which Brady Bunch kid said these lines?

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bogwalker 10 months ago
All in the family? Please…No!!!
daDoctah 10 months ago
I notice they weren't able to come up with any worthy quotes from Cousin Oliver. (BTW, did Mike and Carol ever officially adopt him, making him legally "Oliver Brady"? IMDb lists him with no last name unlike all the other regulars, and of course he never showed up on any of the later series or movies.)
vinman63 daDoctah 10 months ago
Oliver Tyler was on loan from Jump the shark society to better failing sitcoms.
LoveMETV22 daDoctah 10 months ago
" IMDb lists him with no last name."
From a Brady Fandom page:
Cousin Oliver Tyler
Oliver is the son of Carol's brother Jack and his wife Pauline. When they travel to an archaeological dig in South America, and their son is unable to accompany them, he is sent to live with the Bradys.
Tyler is Carol's maiden surname and Oliver's father, Jack, is Carol's brother.
bradyguy LoveMETV22 10 months ago
Hmmm...couple of things here... I don't believe we're told that Jack is Carol's brother - only that Jack is going to South America...and Pauline is going with him. Pauline could be Carol's sister...which would make Oliver NOT a "Tyler". Also, Jack is going to an ENGINEERING project, NOT an archaelological dig. This Fandom page seems to have some errors...
bradyguy daDoctah 10 months ago and Carol would not have adopted Oliver, as his parents were alive and well in SOuth America and Oliver was only going to stay with them for a short while...

And yes, Oliver DOES have one memorable quote on the BB - He's the only person to ever utter the word "SEX" on the show...he does so in the series' finale in 1974!! Dirty little Oliver...
LoveMETV22 bradyguy 10 months ago
Hmmm...couple of things here.
The information was based from IMDb and Wikipedia as their source. Here's their contact info:

If you feel inclined to research it further or are concerned with the information's validity. You can contact them. I'm sure they'll be happy to assist you.
KirwoodDerby daDoctah 9 months ago
The show died so quickly after Oliver showed up there wasn't time to give him a last name. This show got consistently worse as the episodes added up. By the Oliver episodes it began carrying a foul odor and they were almost unwatchable.
Wenatchee7 10 months ago
10/12 Brady Bunch was a family show so Bobby had better be the answer to number 9.
Wendy57 10 months ago
Not much a Brady fan.
MrsPhilHarris 10 months ago
9/12 Missed 1, 9 & 11. I had to guess a lot of them.
KJExpress MrsPhilHarris 10 months ago
Same here. It's been awhile since I've watched the Bradys. 🤷‍♀️
Coldnorth 10 months ago
8/12. Mostly guesses. Haven’t watched the Brady’s in a very long time
KJExpress 10 months ago
7/12. There were only four that I knew for sure.
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