Can you tell what the cast of Star Trek is selling in these vintage ads?

Oddly, none of these commercials were for Enterprise.

If you were trying to sell a piece of technology, a taste of the future, in the 1970s, there was no better actor for your ad than a castmember from Star Trek

No wonder the original crew of the Enterprise turned up in commercials for computers, televisions, automobiles and… well, you'll see.

See if you can pick the correct brand or product being pitched by Star Trek stars in these vintage ads. 

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  1. William Shatner played the "Negotiator" for this company for years.
  2. In the early '90s, DeForest Kelley said, "I'm an actor, not a doctor!" in a 10th anniversary ad for this board game.
  3. Here is Leonard Nimoy selling for Celestron. What is he selling?
  4. The original cast reunited in a commercial with the phone number 1-800-3-BEAM-UP. What were they selling?
  5. Shatner and Nimoy helped sell the glorious technology of color television for this brand, "first in Color TV."
  6. Here is Shatner in a print ad for Kero-Sun. What was he selling?
  7. What major brand is Majel Barrett selling here?
  8. Here is George Takei asking young men to join his "gang." What is this an ad for?
  9. James Doohan is showing off the "PowerZone" in this retail store.
  10. Here is Nimoy in 1979 selling a technological device for Westside. What is he selling?
  11. William Shatner appeared in ads for the VIC-20 computer. Who made it?
  12. Shatner appeared in commercials for a Canadian brand called Loblaws. Loblaws is a brand of what?
  13. Shatner provided the voice-over narration in this ad for the 1971 Satellite. Which car manufacturer made the Satellite?
  14. Here is Shatner in 1974 selling Promise. What is Promise?

Can you tell what the cast of Star Trek is selling in these vintage ads?

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LynCarceo 34 months ago
9/14; better than I expected since I don't remember seeing some of the commercials.
WILD 34 months ago
You got 8 out of 14
Looks like you could not quite negotiate your way through this one. Better luck next time!

The Loblaw's name is used outside of Quebec. Here in Quebec the stores are called Provigo but they also own Maxi Supermarkets as well. At one point we had all three of the Loblaw's brand stores in quebec. Loblaw (Apostrophes are not allowed in quebec by law because that would be English advertising and that is illegal), Maxi and Provigo stores.
WILD 57 months ago
You got 13 out of 14
Excellent job! You thought highly logically. Promise was a margarine brand and not insurance. Ya got me in that one.
We used to have Loblaws stores here in Quebec but the were all rebrands Provigo about 6 years ago. They're also owned by Loblaw, so the change was the name.
Pacificsun 61 months ago
Must've slept through the 70's. I don't remember any of those commercials.
boopinbama 63 months ago
8/14 Dont remember any of these,except priceline
Pacificsun 63 months ago
Hilarious!! Weren't these the same guys who were so worried about being typecast in "creature from outerspace" roles? But apparently its okay to hawk these incredibly obscure products.
DK 63 months ago
13/14, kind of easy when they show the product in the ads.
djw1120 DK 63 months ago
14 out of 14, yes it was kind of easy when you saw the product, but some of them were just obvious too.
Everyone knows that Shatner did the commercials for Priceline.
BTW, on number 3, when you dial 1-800-3-BEAM-UP that number is STILL listed to a company.
On # 7, if you look at the box in the background it is obvious that it was Head and Shoulders.
On # 8, it seems kind of ironic that George Takei is advertising the Boy Scouts since it is well known that he is gay.
On # 9, it seems kind of obvious that James Doohan would be advertising Radio Shack.
On # 14, it is also obvious that he is selling Promise Margarine.
Greg djw1120 63 months ago
Whats ironic about 8 the Boy Scots got in trouble because of pedophiles not gay men and some gay people enjoy camping
cperrynaples Greg 63 months ago
How come no one complains about this post and I get trolled for saying the same thing? Yes, the logos give most of them away and who doesn't remember John Belushi as Kirk? Question: Anybody remember the Lost In Space joke and what was wrong with it? I'll give you the answer tomorrow unless someone else does first!
Perhaps because your post implied that gay men are pedophiles while Greg's states that being gay does NOT equal pedophilia.
On and pointing out your post was homophobic is not trolling. Whether you realized it or not equating being gay with pedophilia IS homophobic.
Edward 63 months ago
Apparently Shatter had a drug problem ( extra money ) or Trek did not pay squat.
Got 'em all guessed half of 'em.
djw1120 Edward 63 months ago
You were half-right.
Shatner did not get paid a lot for "Star Trek".
dcthornton Edward 63 months ago
Shatner didn't earn a lot from ST:TOS. After its cancellation in 1969, he had a hard time finding work during the early 1970s. He lost his home during that time and lived in a camper taking any job on and off-camera to provide for his family.
Pacificsun Edward 63 months ago
Part of it is about exposure too. Facial recognition, or at least the reminder for casting agencies to keep them in mind for new roles. Even though they're icons today, they had a select niche audience back in the day! Actors (then) had to work hard for the next part.
SalIanni 63 months ago
13/14 - Not bad considering the fact I hate Star Trek and I've only seen one of the 14 commercials. That was the Loblaws one. That was too easy. I guessed the rest.
JeffTanner SalIanni 62 months ago
I remember when we had Loblaws Supermarkets in our area in Upstate NY many, many years ago. I didn't know they were a Canadian chain. I wonder if they're still in business or existence, even.
EllisClevenger 63 months ago
You got 13 out of 14
Excellent job! You thought highly logically.
Missed #7.
TomTerrrific 63 months ago
It's ironic that George Takei did a commercial for the Boy Scouts, knowing that he himself wouldn't have been allowed to join, since he is gay.
Different time. At that time you could still be arrested for being gay and committed partners were prevented from being in the hospital room with their dying partner.

So not being able to be out in the Boy scouts was relatively minor. I mean he wouldn't have been able to go out on Star Trek either.
nerakr 63 months ago
10/14. Not bad considering I guessed on about half. Oddly enough, just this morning I saw William Shatner's Inogen commercial and decided to Wikipedia his bio. Learned about Loblaws then.
Barry22 63 months ago
5/14, I don't pay attention to commercials.
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