Can you tell a difference between The Monkees song titles and The Monkees TV episode titles?

Can you listen to the title ‘’A Better World,’’ or do you watch it?


There are a couple of ways to entertain with The Monkees! Of course you can throw on a classic record like ‘’Changes’’ or ‘’More of the Monkees’’ and listen to some music, or you can put on one of the 58 episodes created across two seasons of television!

Either way, you’re getting a unique, toe-tapping way to get your Monkees fix!

See if you know the difference between The Monkees TV show episode titles and The Monkees song titles with this quiz!

We’re going to give you a title from either a Monkees song or TV episode, and you have to select the right answer!

Good luck!

  1. Is "Pleasant Valley Sunday" a song or episode title?
  2. The title "The Picture Frame" belongs to?
  3. "Just a Game" is a title of The Monkees, but is it a song title or episode title?
  4. Do The Monkees sing "Gotta Give It Time," or is an TV episode title?
  5. Do you watch "Hitting the High Seas," or listen to it?
  6. "A Nice Place to Visit"
  7. "Royal Flush"
  8. Is "I’ve Got a Little Song Here" an actual tune or an episode title?
  9. Is "French Song" a song or an episode title?
  10. The title is "Porpoise Song." The question is, what type of title is it?
  11. "Too Many Girls"
  12. "I’m a Believer"
  13. "Daydream Believer"
  14. "You and I"
  15. "Fairy Tale"

Can you tell a difference between The Monkees song titles and The Monkees TV episode titles?

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marmetv20 22 months ago
12/15 You sure didn't monkey around. Nice work.
Vanna369 22 months ago
15/15. Love that term Geatornez82 - Monkee Junkee! I’m glad we got to see Mickey & Mike perform before Mike passed. EXCELLENT concert!
leannie429 22 months ago
When are they going into the Rock Hall??!When you think of all the bands that have made it that are really are sub-par and popular long after the Monkees made it, it is truly an insult & very unfair!
vinman63 leannie429 22 months ago
It will be sad if it happens since most of the Monkees are gone
Lillyrose 22 months ago
13 out of 15. The Monkees are way better than the Beatles. It's not even close. The Beach Boys and The Monkees are my favorite bands.
MikefromJersey 22 months ago
12 for 12. I can't explain exactly what it is, but the Monkees out takes have a "look"
that I can spot every time.
The same for Bonanza.
geatornez82 22 months ago
15/15. Been a Monkee Junkee since 1996 (I wasn't born during their original run).
LarryBell 22 months ago
13/15 not bad for being a moderate fan. My guessing game is strong
AllisonWunderland 22 months ago
14/15…No “monkeeing” around here 😎
Peter_Falk_Fan 22 months ago
13/15 I missed #3 and #8. I had a couple of lucky guesses.
FLETCH 22 months ago
11 out of 15
I didn’t monkey around
timothys71 22 months ago
13/15. I'm not familiar with the song "Just A Game." It must be either a non-album track or on an album that I don't have. I also guessed incorrectly on "I've Got A Little Song Here."
Beatseeker timothys71 22 months ago
hint: i'm gonna buy me a dog...
Moverfan Beatseeker 22 months ago

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