Can you spell these easy names of Sixties TV characters?

Everybody knows these characters… or do they?

Spelling bees are hard. In recent years, the brilliant kids at the Scripps National Spelling Bee championships have had to spell words like erysipelaskoinoniastichomythia and gesellschaft.

Why can't they lob them some softballs like "Gilligan"? Why can't they just spell the names of Sixties TV characters?

It might be hard for a middle-schooler, but MeTV fans should know these characters like the back of their hands.

So — can you spell their names? Easy, right? Right?

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  1. We start in Mayberry. On The Andy Griffith Show, Sheriff Andy is raising his son…?
  2. Of course, he has the help of his housekeeper…?
  3. Stuck on Gilligan's Island, you will find a Kansas girl named…?
  4. 'I Dream of ________'?
  5. 'The Many Loves of _______ Gillis'?
  6. He was the head of the Beverly Hillbillies clan.
  7. On Perry Mason, the ace attorney constantly had to go against D.A.…?
  8. On The Dick Van Dyke Show, Rob and Laurie had a boy named…?
  9. 'The Adventures of _______ and Harriet'?
  10. Nichelle Nichols played Enterprise icon…?
  11. She worked alongside…?
  12. The Rubbles raised an energetic boy named…?
  13. The Flintstones had a pet named…?
  14. Dan Blocker was a big presence on Bonanza as…?
  15. '_________, Where Are You!'?
  16. The Addams Family needed to stock up on shampoo for Cousin…?

Can you spell these easy names of Sixties TV characters?

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EllisClevenger 37 months ago
You got 14 out of 15
You get a Bee Plus! We would give you an A, but we Aunt Bee is just the best.
Missed #2 and #6
Missed #6, because I didn't pay attention.
Missed #2, ON PURPOSE.
When will the insanity, stop!
No self respecting woman, named Beatrice, would call herself, or write "BEE" as her name.
She would call herself, and write her shortened name, as "BEA".
This is one of the reasons, I never watched the program, and do damned few of "The Andy Griffith Show" quizzes.
MeTV says I got 14/15.
I got 14/16.
zman47240 EllisClevenger 35 months ago
Francis Bavier who played Aunt Bee actually signed her real name on autographs and added Aunt Bea as well. She knew how it was supposed to be spelled but the AGS writers had it spelled Bee instead. Learned that from an AGS podcast.
BZCITY 42 months ago
Apparently I got 16/15! Champ!
bsantaniello 42 months ago
Never noticed that names weren’t in credits after first season of Dick Van Dyke Show. Funny watched them all countless times too. Guess I was too busy waiting to see if “Rob” was going to trip over the ottoman or avoid it. 😝
HopeDuchaine 42 months ago
13/15. Not Bad. Mixed up on Aunt Bee.
Deleted 42 months ago
This comment has been removed.
MadMadMadWorld 42 months ago
Shut up and go away!
Wiseguy 42 months ago
Actually, "Hamilton Burger" was spelled "Berger" in the early novels. Erle Stanley Gardner later changed it to "Burger." New printings of older novels have changed it to the new spelling.
MadMadMadWorld Wiseguy 42 months ago
Burger goes so much better with a little Ham before it!
JeremyG 42 months ago
It's Aunt "Bea" not "Bee!" Her full name was Beatrice, Bea for short. MeTV got that one wrong! Also, Laura Petrie, not Laurie.
jvf 42 months ago
Hmm...I got 16 out of 15. Must be common-core math!
ElimGarak 42 months ago
So, the Star Trek nerd misspelled 'Chekov'. Scottie, beam me to the planet of eternal shame!
MarshaStapleton ElimGarak 40 months ago
I believe it was spelled "Scotty."
AlF 42 months ago
Seriously? "Aunt Bee"? BEE? If it's true, I never noticed it.

I have noticed that they call her "AINT" rather than "Aunt"...

Let's just go all the way with "Aint Bee"...
Newyorkcitygal AlF 42 months ago
lol I agree with you. I marked that one wrong too!
JeanInTN AlF 42 months ago
I would have miss that one, too, if I hadn't seen the name in another quiz linked in the same email. I happened to do the other one first and noticed the spelling, because I knew this one was coming up. (I had opened all of the links in new tabs while reading the email before doing any of the quizzes.)

As for the pronunciation of "aunt" as "ain't," I live in the Northeast Tennessee hills, and that's how a lot of people here in Southern Appalachia pronounce it. I now pronounce it "ant." (No one that I know says "ahnt.") Country people often use a long "a" vowel sound on words for which most people use the short "a." (Gas is an example which comes to mind. A lot of people here say "gase" with the long "a.")
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