Can you recognize all these guest stars on The Donna Reed Show?

Teen idols, crooners and famous pooches all popped in.


The Donna Reed Show took place in the quaint, all-American town of Hilldale. The sitcom never said exactly where the fictional city is located. Somewhere in the Midwest, most likely. Wherever it was, Hilldale must have had a busy airport. All kinds of famous faces visited the town!

Donna Reed headlined her sitcom from 1958–66, playing the charming Donna Stone. Along with her husband Alex and kids Mary and Jeff, Donna always welcomed houseguests.

See if you can I.D. some celebrities!

  1. This spunky kid came over to help with some home improvement in a crossover episode.
  2. This young star was best known as which character?
  3. These two actors could later be found on which acclaimed sitcom?
  4. It was her party and she would cry if she wanted to.
  5. This silent comedy legend appeared in a Christmas episode.
  6. Baseball Hall of Famers Leo Durocher and Don Drysdale both appeared…but who is the Giant in the back? He was in a couple of episodes!
     Image: The Everett Collection
  7. Which dog is this?
  8. She later became part of a beloved sitcom household. Which family was it?
  9. This teen idol created a lot of "Buzz" when he turned up.
  10. Do you know this "Stranger in Paradise"? This crooner sang "Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams" in an episode that featured his name in the title.

Can you recognize all these guest stars on The Donna Reed Show?

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Suzies1952 10 months ago
Only 6-10 in Donna reed picture of Marian was such a young picture of her?, I got that wrong!, didn’t look like her at all
LalaLucy 10 months ago
8/10. I don't know baseball players and I picked the wrong teen heartthrob on #9.
SoCal72 14 months ago
10/10 I wish seasons 6 thru 8 were available on DVD.
39 months ago
Missed Hank Aaron/Willie Mays!
Snickers 41 months ago
7 out of 10 Who the heck was Lesley Gore?
Wolverines20 46 months ago
Got em all. A little lucky on a couple.
lindaC068 48 months ago
Missed 2, Tony Martin & Cloris Leachman & Ted Knight
JDnHuntsvilleAL 51 months ago
I may not be able to tell the difference between Willie Mays and Jackie Robinson, but at least I didn't mistake Jackie Robinson for Babe Ruth. (You'd have had to watch the recent "Jeopardy! College Bowl" to understand this.)
DavidBarker 51 months ago
You got 8 out of 10
Good job! You deserve a treat and a pat on the back!
Missed James Darren and Tony Martin
BigE 51 months ago
9 out of 10. I thought it was Fabian.
RobCertSDSCascap 51 months ago
Diz 51 months ago
Just as Shelley Fabares and Paul Petersen debuted some of their records on the show, I believe James Darren debuted his hit "Goodbye Cruel World" on the show.
DreamsUnwind 51 months ago
Missed ONE question because it had to do with baseball. Those blasted sports questions get me everytime!
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