Can you tell the difference between The Flintstones credits and the actual episodes?

They were notoriously unalike…or were they?


The Flintstones, like other classic television shows, was not terribly concerned with continuity. Even casual fans know that the walls of the house change color from episode to episode and some characters' names are different in the beginning.

The various credits sequences break continuity the most. The famous "Meet the Flintstones" song wasn’t used until the third season and the sequence continued to change slightly as more characters were introduced on the show. The original opening had Fred driving home with an instrumental tune called "Rise and Shine" playing.

How well do you know each opening sequence and end credits? Try to guess if these images are from the opening or closing credits — or from episodes themselves and not the credits at all!

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  1. Every main character is stuffed in one car. Is this in the opening sequence or during an episode?
  2. Is this drive-in restaurant from the end credits or not?
  3. The original opening had Fred coming home for dinner. Is this from that opening?
  4. Where is this image from?
  5. The Flintstones mailbox was seen in both. Is this particular image from an episode or the opening sequence?
  6. Is this taken from the end credits or a scene in an episode?
  7. Bowling was one of Fred's favorite pastimes. Was it ever part of the credits?
  8. Here Dino is blue! This must be early on in the show, but where?
  9. Here, a car full of characters drives through an entrance. Is it part of the opening or just in an episode?
  10. Fred slides down the tail of a dinosaur, lunch pale in hand. Is this from the opening or in an episode?
  11. Here is the Flintstones' cat running out the door! Where is this image from?
  12. This shows Fred taking the cat out himself. Is this from the end credits or a scene in an episode?
  13. Are we ending with an end credits image or finishing with a moment from an episode?

Can you tell the difference between The Flintstones credits and the actual episodes?

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MarkJamesMeli 38 months ago
#6 is from an episode, isn't it?? #8 - I missed that one because I commonly watched the show on a black & white tv set until the late 1970s.
DerekBird 38 months ago
You got 10 out of 13
You really turned that quiz over! Great job!
MikefromJersey 50 months ago
If the schedule holds, it looks like on this Tuesday, May 19 at 6:30 MeTV will run the infamous "Rip Van Flintstone" episode. This is the one where the naughty cartoonists repeatedly put naked paintings of women both in the entrance hall and interior of Barney's mansion.
Shhh, don't tell MeTV honchos lest they yank it off the air.
Toddmick 50 months ago
I thought Fred letting the cat out was at the end. But there was no milk bottle
Diane 51 months ago
Some of these are not correct.
djw1120 Diane 51 months ago
7 out of 13
And you are right.
Some of these are not correct.
ScottAwley Diane 50 months ago
They are all correct. The wording of the questions may be confusing but they are all correct. :-)
papajohn 51 months ago
I only got 8 of 13 i thought i knew them better
MarkSpeck 51 months ago
10 out of 13. Guess I don't know my Flintstones trivia as well as I thought I did.
FLETCH 51 months ago
You got 5 out of 13
That quiz was a bit of an obstacle :/

Deleted 51 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Newyorkcitygal 51 months ago
11/13 Flintstones was my favorite cartoon as a child!
Brian Newyorkcitygal 51 months ago
It was in its original primetime run when I was little, and my family would try to tell me it was on later in the week (so we'd miss it) because otherwise when it came on I'd freak out as I was so into it as a tyke.
Runeshaper 51 months ago
5/13 = Terrible! LOL Love this show! :)
ELEANOR 51 months ago
OK, so I haven't watched it recently, but as I remember -- the whole opening sequence involved them in a car, driving somewhere. I don't remember Dino sitting in a chair. And the ending sequence consisted of Fred dumping the cat out the door. Nowadays, if you let your cat outside, you have to hope that the resident coyote isn't hungry.
Lantern ELEANOR 51 months ago
The opening & closing credits (and the song) in at least the first season were different from the ones in the later seasons.
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