Can you recognize all these famous guest stars on The Fugitive?

Try to guess these comedy legends, Oscar-winning actors and beloved TV stars!

The Fugitive was one of the first TV shows to capture viewers attention week after week and tell a long, extended story. The series finale was the most watched episode of television at the time and is still among the most watched episodes ever.

With only two main characters, the man on the run, Dr. Richard Kimble, and the police lieutenant hot on his heels, there were plenty of opportunities for guest stars to make an impact.

Some guest actors were TV veterans while others were just beginning award-winning careers. How many of them do you recognize?

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  1. Who is this Oscar-winning actor?
  2. Do you know this famous TV leading man?
  3. She was also a part of which TV family?
  4. Do you recognize this famous comedic actor?
  5. Do you recognize this future movie star?
  6. Which Star Trek cast member is this?
  7. All three of these child actors were in 'The Fugitive' but who is pictured here?
  8. This sitcom mom is from...
  9. Do you recognize this Western actor?
  10. Which future TV detective is this?
  11. This actor later starred on which 1970s sitcom?
  12. Do you recognize this future movie star?
  13. This actor played a serious role on 'The Fugitive' but was later known for comedy. It's...
  14. Which member of the Bridges family is this?
  15. This actor was a sheriff in 'The Fugitive' and later played a police chief in...

Can you recognize all these famous guest stars on The Fugitive?

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Filmnoirfan 1 month ago
14/15 - happy with that score and enjoy seeing the Fugitive every Sunday night
dujon55 3 months ago
15 out of 15. So many famous and soon to be famous actors performed on this show
JDWJDW2 5 months ago
I missed the question about Marion Ross. She didn't look nothing like she did on Happy Days. She was however very beautiful.
vinman63 5 months ago
Wait Question 3 was trick question. Ellen Corby was Lurch’s mom.
JDWJDW2 vinman63 5 months ago
She was also Grandma Walton.
LH vinman63 4 months ago
You’re right… I would’ve missed that one too because she was on both shows, but I guess I just think of her always with the Waltons.
vinman63 LH 4 months ago
It’s likely the answer steered to the Walton’s but she was such a different character as Lurch’s mother.
Newyorkcitygal 5 months ago
14/15 I missed #6...
same here - never watched Star Trek
TheOnlyONE 5 months ago
15/15. TOO easy. No guessing needed.
mhfisher35 5 months ago
Got one guess right. Beau or Jeff. 15/15
fivecents 5 months ago
14/15 ..... wasn't as easy as I thought it would be.
SteveO 5 months ago
Pretty easy but last was a guess.
Hard for me to see ol' Archie Bunker
denny 5 months ago
15/15 Can you guess which 6 of these actors are no longer with us? Several are pushing or have passed 90.
Elkoman 5 months ago
Telly Savalas was my favorite. He lived up the street from me! Cool guy!
denny Elkoman 5 months ago
Where? I'm pretty sure he bought one of Elvis's houses in the 70's, in California.
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