Can you find the ONE Addams Family adaptation we made up?

TV’s spookiest family appeared in comics, movies and… a '70s variety show?

The delightfully macabre clan known as the Addams are one of the most iconic families ever to grace the small screen. Though the classic sitcom is the most famous version, there has been some form of Addams family entertainment present in American culture at least once a decade since the 1930s.

Here are lucky number 13 completely real Addams family adaptations and one version we made up. Can you spot the fake one? Keep guessing until you find it!

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  1. Which of these Addams Family adaptations is NOT real?

Can you find the ONE Addams Family adaptation we made up?

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geatornez82 4 days ago
I got it on my first try, and it was just a lucky guess!
There's just one thing that bugs me about the Addams' Family theme song. I can't snap my fingers on my left hand for some reason.
Marshall_Kolchak 6 days ago
right first time, only explanation i can think of is cultural osmosis.
LynCarceo 8 days ago
got it on 1st try; I guessed well
Newyorkcitygal 8 days ago
1st try! But I guessed. Lol Was not a big fan but did watch as a kid. I preferred The Munsters much better...
JHP 15 days ago
HUH? gee lemme think more about Greek history
Bob 15 days ago
First try! I never get them on the first try!
Daizy531 16 days ago
2nd try that was good for me I never was a huge fan of the Addams Family I liked the Munsters Better
Me too! I wish they would put the Munsters on Metv...
JeffPaul76 16 days ago
Can you find the ONE Addams Family Adaptation we made up? That is NOT real! You found it! First time too! Though the 1970's Addams Family cartoon was about a road trip, there was no live- action '80s version. Great job!
coltonyoung06 17 days ago
Addams Family Road Trip isn’t real
Craigg 17 days ago
That is NOT real! You found it!

First try!
Robert 18 days ago
I Don't Care About The Addams Family But Like The Show But Like The Flintstones Better.
Chrisesmom199 18 days ago
I like this show; but, please return The Flinstones. Happy Days is overrated and irritating.
cabugi 18 days ago
Didn’t even try. I never watched this show much.
JeffPaul76 cabugi 16 days ago
Then what did you reply for? HUH?
cabugi JeffPaul76 14 days ago
Because, the last time that I checked, it was a free country and I have free will.
Catman 18 days ago
I'm really bad at the quizzes in this format. I know the answer and I STILL haven't got it. ;)
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