Are these episodes of The Fugitive or Creedance Clearwater Revival songs?

Do you know the difference between "Moon Child" and "Bad Moon Rising"?


Image: The Everett Collection

At first glance, the groundbreaking thriller series The Fugitive and rock band Creedence Clearwater Revival don't seem to have much in common. But while one focused on a man in a jam and the other was more about jamming, they both could craft a creative title.

Here are the names of Fugitive episodes mixed together with Creedence songs. Can you tell which is which?

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  1. Bad Moon Rising
  2. Never Stop Running
  3. Down on the Corner
  4. Stranger in the Mirror
  5. Born on the Bayou
  6. Man on a String
  7. Shadow of the Swan
  8. Penthouse Pauper
  9. Moon Child
  10. Fortunate Son
  11. Where the Action Is
  12. It Came Out of the Sky
  13. Chameleon
  14. Passage to Helena
  15. Up Around the Bend
  16. Nobody Loses All the Time

Are these episodes of The Fugitive or Creedance Clearwater Revival songs?

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Mark 9 months ago
16 out of 16. I know all the Fugitive titles and some CCR songs (never heard of "Penthouse Pauper").
bukhrn 31 months ago
14/16, missed 2 Creedence songs I've never heard of.
MarkSpeck 38 months ago
16 out of 16. Huge fan of both the Fuge and CCR.
Dajj 38 months ago
14/16 Whoohooo!! I like Both!!
dujon55 38 months ago
12 out of 16 Don’t know who Creedence Clearwater is
bobbygood 38 months ago
14/16. I did well because I’m familiar with CCR not the Fugitive.
homer747 bobbygood 38 months ago
we tied
Andybandit 38 months ago
I got 11/16. I never seen the fugitive, I know Credence Clear water songs.
Muleskinner 39 months ago
11/16. Not a big fan of The Fugitive or CCR.
HulkFan02 Muleskinner 38 months ago
I'm not much either
Marshall_Kolchak 39 months ago
13/16 my road-trip based CCR knowledge came in handy!
Yup. Being a Fogerty fan makes it a walk in the park.
39 months ago
9/16 ... need I say more? 😒
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