Can you pass this beauty quiz from the 1960s?

Fashions and fads sure have changed.

Image: Envisioning the American Dream

The book Secrets of Loveliness, published in 1964, taught young girls how to achieve "loveliness" by highlighting the appropriate fashions, hairstyles and grooming tips of the day. 

Taken from this book, can you pass this quiz about acceptable fashion trends and fads? You have to guess whether a fad is "fun," "sloppy," or "taboo." My, how times have changed... Good luck!

  1. "You wear your cardigan buttoned down the back, when it was designed for the reverse."
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  2. "You wear your father's shirts and your beau's sweat shirt to school."
  3. "You show several inches of thigh when everyone else wears her skirts below the knee."
    Image: Mod Fashion
  4. "You and your best girl friend wear wedding bands which you bought at a variety store."
  5. "You wear bulky white socks, so thick they require a larger shoe size."
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  6. "You wear your hair pulled into a tight knot on top of you head and secure it with knitting needles."
  7. "You remove your shoes at a party and dance in your bare feet."
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  8. "You wear a sailor's pea jacket to school."
  9. "At night, you wear a bracelet outside your long evening gloves."
    Image: 20th Century Fox
  10. "You wear a sweater so skin-tight that it shows the outline of your bra."
  11. "You wear skirts so narrow that they bind at the back and make it difficult to board a bus."
    Image: Retro Waste
  12. "You wear thin anklets so brief that they barely cover your heels."
  13. "You wear socks that don't match."
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  14. "You put pennies, bright and shiny, in the instep band of your loafers."
  15. "You wear long, swinging earrings for evening parties."
    Image: Miss 60s

Can you pass this beauty quiz from the 1960s?

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smith927 25 months ago
10 outta 15. Pretty good considering I wasn't born until the 70s.
MarianneCoon 25 months ago
12 out of 15--and I was a kid in the 60's too
Mob39 26 months ago
11/15 - Not too bad since I was a kid at that time
bnichols23 26 months ago
10. Even for a guy I wasn't too hip in fashion then.
ELEANOR 26 months ago
Don't really recall any of that. Must be a California thing. In #3, the photo features HOT PANTS which are tiny shorts while the quiz is about skirts.
LoveMETV22 ELEANOR 26 months ago
More a beauty quiz, 1. cardigans, 2. father's shirts, beau's sweat shirt etc...The only question about skirts is #11. How is it a quiz about skirts?
vinman63 26 months ago
I remember tight hot pants and camel toes.
vinman63 26 months ago
You wear mis match socks if you dress in the dark.
Snickers 26 months ago
10/15 Not to sure what this quiz was about.
MikefromJersey 26 months ago
5 for 15 - "We still think you're lovely!"
Um, thanks, it's been yonks since I have been called lovely.
You're a lonely, lonely bunch at MeTV aren't you?
RichLorn 26 months ago
In my 20's, when it was last call at the bar, everything looked good.
UTZAAKE 26 months ago
9/15. That book only worked if it was satire which is doubtful. Taken seriously, it was obviously a conformity tool.
Barbarian57 26 months ago
Usually when someone tries to show the styles of different decades, they are the styles they tried to foist on us on TV, in magazines, etc., not what most people really wore.
Coldnorth 26 months ago
Ugggggggggggg what was I thinking?
PattyHerbst 26 months ago
I got 12 out of 15, but many were mere guesses. I was a teenager in the 80s, when wearing boys' button Oxfords, oversized sweatshirts, layered socks in different colors (and bulky slouch socks, at that, paired with your favorite Reeboks or Converse high-tops), and skirts of various lengths (including New-WAVE MINIS) were typical during the decade.
Theatrenut 26 months ago
I got 9 but I am a guy and grew up in Melbourne, Australia
Big3Fan 26 months ago
I wear mismatched sock occasionally, not because I'm fashionable, because I'm color blind.
Sally 26 months ago
11/15 Doesn't make sense to me as I was a teenager in the 60's.
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