Can you pass this beauty quiz from the 1960s?

Fashions and fads sure have changed.

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By now, you've probably seen these 11 hilarious beauty tips from the book Secrets of Loveliness, published in 1964. The book taught young girls how to achieve "loveliness" by highlighting the appropriate fashions, hairstyles and grooming tips of the day. 

From the same book, can you pass this quiz about acceptable fashion trends and fads? You have to guess whether a fad is "fun," "sloppy," or "taboo." My, how times have changed... Good luck!

  1. "You wear your cardigan buttoned down the back, when it was designed for the reverse."
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  2. "You wear your father's shirts and your beau's sweat shirt to school."
  3. "You show several inches of thigh when everyone else wears her skirts below the knee."
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  4. "You and your best girl friend wear wedding bands which you bought at a variety store."
  5. "You wear bulky white socks, so thick they require a larger shoe size."
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  6. "You wear your hair pulled into a tight knot on top of you head and secure it with knitting needles."
  7. "You remove your shoes at a party and dance in your bare feet."
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  8. "You wear a sailor's pea jacket to school."
  9. "At night, you wear a bracelet outside your long evening gloves."
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  10. "You wear a sweater so skin-tight that it shows the outline of your bra."
  11. "You wear skirts so narrow that they bind at the back and make it difficult to board a bus."
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  12. "You wear thin anklets so brief that they barely cover your heels."
  13. "You wear socks that don't match."
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  14. "You put pennies, bright and shiny, in the instep band of your loafers."
  15. "You wear long, swinging earrings for evening parties."
    Image: Miss 60s

Can you pass this beauty quiz from the 1960s?

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Caretaker245 2 months ago
10/15 oh well, I wasn't born until 1970 and my mom was a hard working Navy wife so not too bad I guess.
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