Which of these classic TV characters is NOT green?

Emerald aliens, puppets and superheroes were all over TV in the Sixties and Seventies.


From kooky cartoon characters to alluring aliens to vile villains, green was the color of choice for many famous TV faces in the Sixties and Seventies. The color inspired songs and had its own dimension in one sci-fi series.

We’ve gathered characters from kids progams, space adventures, cartoons and superhero shows. Some just wore green while others are lime and olive all over. One of these black-and-white images features a character that is NOT green. Do you know which one? Keep guessing until you find it!

  1. Which character is NOT green?

Which of these classic TV characters is NOT green?

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DIGGER1 26 months ago
Which of these classic TV characters is NOT green?
You picked Shras, the Andorian! Correct!
This blue Star Trek alien appeared in the episode Journey to Babel. You found it!
I got it on my first try. I MUST BE IRISH! I'M JUST "LUCKY" THAT WAY, YOU DIG? LOL!
Oceanbreeze 26 months ago
This was so stupid. They said which character wasn't green. Captain Kirk was NOT GREEN only his uniform. Dumb
Moverfan 27 months ago
Lou Ferrigno played a wrestler on an episode of Night Court (a lady, possibly his opponent's mother, climbed into the ring during a match and tried to beat him silly with her purse). When he walks up to the bench, he's wearing a long coat (buttoned up) and slacks. After a minute or so, he removes the coat. No green...no shirt...oh, my, my, my!
GregLemieux 27 months ago
My goodness, that was spectacularly easy for me.
KristenQuaedvlieg 27 months ago
Oscar the Grouch was orange on the first season of Sesame Street.
Moverfan KristenQuaedvlieg 26 months ago
I've heard that. The story is he went to Swamp Mushy-Muddy (some swamp, anyway) on vacation and something happened that turned him green. (Oscar the Orange Grouch...well, that would make you grouchy I suppose.)
ELEANOR 27 months ago
In one of the first episodes, they had a green alien. But they forgot to tell the tech guy that she was SUPPOSED to be green. He spent many hours removing the green that he thought was a mistake. Finally, after many hours of removing the green, he finally spoke to the director and found out that she was supposed to be green.
Anonymous 27 months ago
No! this is not "tricky" you worded it wrong! Yes, I knew Kirk's uniform was green...but HE is not!!!
Moverfan Anonymous 26 months ago
Neither is Frank Gorshin...unless, of course, the gentlemen are not feeling well...
Rob 27 months ago
Okay, so Kermit is a frog so what are the triangular pointy things around his neck? Frogs don’t have those.
vinman63 Rob 27 months ago
He is a mutant who can talk.
djw1120 Rob 27 months ago
That wasn't actually a part of Kermit.
It was a collar that he wore around his neck; and no, he wasn't a mutant.
He was just a frog who could talk and wasn't easy being green.
RichLorn 27 months ago
1st shot.
Color is only skin deep. But the cherry jello underneath goes clear to the bone.
PeterRoff 27 months ago
Not to quibble but there is a difference between "being green" and just wearing it. So there are several correct answers through Shras the Andorian is most correct.
Anonymous PeterRoff 27 months ago
cperrynaples 27 months ago
We all know there was a lot of green on Green Acres [DUH!], but what device turned green at the end of one episode?
LoveMETV22 cperrynaples 27 months ago
Episode 57, "The Saucer Season" The stove turns green at the end of the episode.
Coldnorth 27 months ago
2tries. Should’ve done better but watching tv at the same time. Excuses, excuses
Jacki 27 months ago
Got it on the second try. Love Kermit the frog.
Katzi Jacki 27 months ago
Me too!!YAAAAYYY for Kermie!!!!
Moverfan Katzi 26 months ago
Come on, people, let's hear it for the frog!
Jeffrey 27 months ago
You picked Shras, the Andorian! Correct! ----This blue Star Trek alien appeared in the episode Journey to Babel. You found it! ---It took me 5 tries before I found it though.
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