Can you find the celebrity who did not appear on Monk?

Which of these celebrities didn't find themselves involved in a Monk case?


Adrian Monk encountered many hit 90s and early 2000s guest stars during the 8 season run of Monk. Some friend, some foe, some even stranger than Monk himself!

But how well do you know the many famous faces that found themselves involved in a Monk case? Test your knowledge of the hit crime series and see if you can spot the one celebrity that didn't appear on the show in the quiz below!

Can you find the celebrity who did not appear on Monk?

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EllenStensland57 31 months ago
I love the show, but I kept getting them wrong! I did remember that Snoop Dog, Sarah Silverman, and Jason Alexander were on the show.
33 months ago
PLEASE rethink adding this show to the ME TV roster!
HansShultz1 33 months ago
I got it ! You zee, Schultz knows zumthing !
honeypie 33 months ago
guessed the who's never been on Monk the first try
MikefromJersey 33 months ago
Got it in one. If Lin-Manuel he had been a crook on Monk, they wouldn't have needed
to Mirandize him.
TheClarences 33 months ago
Terrible decision to put “Monk” on the network!!! It’s NOT classic tv!!!
xoxo The Clarences
tmac1951 TheClarences 33 months ago
Maybe they can do survivor reruns, that is very old show,,,,,,,NOT!!! Or maybe last weeks 5:30 news shows
Wenatchee7 33 months ago
First try. Never really watched the show but the more famous the actor the more I figured they were on the show.
AndreaZ 33 months ago
Got it on the 2nd try. Never realized that was James Brolin in that episode.
MaryAnn 33 months ago
First try! That’s never happened for me before!
LH 33 months ago
Now THAT was REALLY easy!!
A35Barber 33 months ago
1st try. Zero clue who that is
dbalius 33 months ago
Slam dunk…I’ve seen every single episode and can tell you what character each of the celebs played on the show, too!
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