Can you name TV westerns by the characters' names alone?

Wanted: Your TV trivia skills.

Think you know your TV cowboys, partner? Well, shucks, there have been a whole mess of 'em. Back in the ol' days, Westerns were on every channel. 

Fortunately, those characters were larger than life, with memorable names like "Rowdy" and "Kitty." Let's see if you can match the characters to the show. A true Western buff should get nine or more.

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  1. Matt, Chester, Doc, Festus, Kitty & Quint.
  2. Lucas, Mark & Micah.
  3. Bret, Bart & Beauregarde.
  4. Seth, Flint, Charlie, Bill, Duke, Cooper & Barnaby.
  5. Paladin & Hey Boy.
  6. Ben, Joe, Eric, Adam & Candy.
  7. Gil, Rowdy, Pete, Jim, Hey Soos, Mushy & Wishbone.
  8. Josh.
  9. Big John, Buck, Billy Blue, Victoria & Manolito.
  10. Nick, Heath, Victoria, Audra & Jarrod.
  11. Hoby, Ralph & Henrietta.
  12. Tom & Cochise.
  13. Johnny Madrid, Scott, Murdoch, Theresa & Jelly.
Can you name TV westerns by the characters' names alone?

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