Who said it: Granny from The Beverly Hillbillies or Mama from Mama's Family?

Can't you just hear both Granny and Mama saying, ''Night clubbing ain't enough, now she's turning you into a daytime playboy"?

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Daisey May Moses and Thelma Harper, better known as Granny from The Beverly Hillbillies and Mama from Mama's Family, each have their own ways of getting their point across. There's a southern twang to both of them, and they pretty much say whatever is on their minds. 

Often times, analogies, idioms and insults can fly out of their mouths at any given time. 

Who said the following lines, Granny or Mama?

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  1. Who said: "Night clubbing ain't enough. Now she's turning you into a daytime playboy."
  2. Who said: "Nothing slipped my mind, underneath these grey curls there lurks a steel trap."
  3. Who said: "You mean to say that you spent my vittles money on a movie?"
  4. Who said: "He's been slippery footin' around here like a hog on ice."
  5. Who said: "The last thing I want to hear about is a lab report on a furball."
  6. Who said: "Is someone going to come in here and help me move this living room furniture or should I just go ahead and break my back?"
  7. Who said: "Well doctor... how do you cure warts?
  8. Who said: "You can quit hoping and praying. And if you keep messing around in my kitchen, you ain't going to get to be my age."
  9. Who said: "These things got more spots than a windshield in Alabama."
  10. Who said: "Knock it off or I'm going to turn the garden hose on you two."

Who said it: Granny from The Beverly Hillbillies or Mama from Mama's Family?

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