Can you name the top movies of 1978 by their posters alone?

Popcorn may not last 40 years, but are these films still fresh in your memories?

There was something for everyone at the movies in 1978. The biggest blockbusters of the year offer musical numbers, superheroes, stunts, slapstick, heart and horror.

Below you will see images taken from 1978 movie posters. See if you can identify these hit flicks. To help, we've put them in order of their box office grosses. Also, we'll give you the taglines for the movies when we can.

Are you the ultimate film buff? Try to name eight or more. Good luck!
  1. You should recognize these stars by chins alone.
  2. This poster promised, "You'll believe a man can fly."
  3. The tagline proclaimed, "It was the Deltas against the rules… the rules lost!"
  4. This poster warned, "Clint Eastwood will turn you…"
  5. A remake of 'Here Comes Mr. Jordan' (1941). It was later remade again with Chris Rock as 'Down to Earth' (2001).
  6. "The Greatest Stuntman Alive," the poster declared!
  7. This poster warned, "Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…"
  8. "Inspector Clouseau is back… and he's a bigger fool than anyone gives him credit for."
  9. The poster later boasted, "Winner of 5 Academy Awards including Best Picture 1978."
  10. "The night HE came home," this poster explained.
Can you name the top movies of 1978 by their posters alone?

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