Can you match these spring TV episode titles to the right show?

Take “Granny’s Spring Tonic” to cure “Spring Fever” before “The Spring Festival.”

The spring season is filled with energy, life bursting forth after the cold days of winter. The opening narration of more than one classic show alludes to this notion. The excitement of warmer days can have all kinds of surprising effects on one’s temperament and programs from sitcoms to Westerns took advantage of the spring mood to make standout episodes. 

Here are 10 episodes that all have “spring” in the title. Can you match each one to the right show? 

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  1. “Granny’s Spring Tonic”
  2. "Angels in Springtime"
  3. Which Western had an episode simply titled "Springtime"?
  4. Which sitcom also had a "Springtime" episode?
  5. “Spring Fever”
  6. “The Spring Festival”
  7. “Journey in the Spring”
  8. “Spring Term”
  9. “Spring Will Be a Little Late”
  10. Which Western had a different kind of spring in “Requiem at Mission Springs”?

Can you match these spring TV episode titles to the right show?

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CouchPotato19 23 months ago
My Spring was sprung........4/10.
MelissaWatsonPierce 23 months ago
MeTV has moved further away from true classics replacing them with not really classic shows…. Why did Mama’s Family get dropped? As much as I love Hogans Hero’s, it has been on way too long.
Full House, which I never watched is on for 2 hours… ☹️ Saturday night line up is really bad except for Kolchack. Svengoolie is really really bad… he interrupts the movies way too much which messes up the entire movie altogether …. and his songs are terrible! The Three Stooges need to go… What happened to The Rebel? And Palladian and Wanted Dead or Alive each lost one half hour☹️ Saved by the Bell needs to go…
I just think that if MeTV stands for Memorable Entertainment Television, then the programming needs to reflect that….
Bring back I Love Lucy, The Donna Reed Show, Welcome Back Kotter, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, Dragnet, Emergency!,Good Times, The Jeffersons, All in the Family, The
Rockford Files, Alias Smith and Jones…
I like Svengoolie and The Stooges. Nyuk nyuk nyuk.
AllisonWunderland 23 months ago
5/10…Knew the first 2 questions and guessed on the rest 🤪
daDoctah 23 months ago
3/10. The highly desired 0/10 eludes me still.
Wendy57 23 months ago
“Spring never Sprung” for me on this one. Lousy Lousy Lousy !
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