Can you match these prolific TV producers to the right shows?

These producers were behind some of the biggest hits on TV.


While TV fans may know the names of all the actors on their favorite shows, the people behind the scenes usually aren't widely known. After all, few producers ever show their face onscreen. But sometimes a producer becomes so successful that it’s hard not to notice their name popping up again and again in the credits.

Here are the people behind some of the biggest shows from the '60s, '70s, and '80s. Can you match each producer with the right series?

  1. Gene Roddenberry is the producer and creator behind which iconic sci-fi series?
  2. Aaron Spelling produced numerous hits like The Mod Squad, The Love Boat and…
  3. Jack Webb is best known for creating and starring in Dragnet but he also produced which other police drama?
  4. Though he contributed his writing talents to countless movies and shows, Rod Serling’s few producing credits include The Twilight Zone and…
  5. Which of these '60s sci-fi shows did Irwin Allen NOT produce?
  6. He wrote episodes of The Twilight Zone and created the '80s primetime soap Falcon Crest, but Earl Hamner Jr. is best known as the creator and producer of…
  7. Paul Henning produced The Beverly Hillbillies, Green Acres and…
  8. Quinn Martin was known for producing action shows like Cannon, The Untouchables and…
  9. A sitcom star in front of the camera, Danny Thomas also helped kickstart and produced…
  10. After producing The Odd Couple, Garry Marshall created his best-known show…
  11. Sherwood Schwartz is best known for producing Gilligan’s Island and…
  12. Stephen J. Cannell started as a writer on Adam-12 before producing '80s hits like…

Can you match these prolific TV producers to the right shows?

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GOOSEYGOOSE9 23 months ago
The Real McCoys Executive Producers Danny Thomas,Sheldon Leonard And Louis F.Edelman.
GOOSEYGOOSE9 23 months ago
The Joey Bishop Show Created By Danny Thomas,Sheldon Leonard And Louis F.Edelman Served As Executive Producers.
GOOSEYGOOSE9 23 months ago
I Spy Was An Action Series,From Danny Thomas,Sheldon Leonard And Louis F.Edelman.
GOOSEYGOOSE9 23 months ago
Marterto-Frances-Edelman Productions Asorbed Into T.L.& E. Productions,Then Into Thomas-Leonard-Edelman Productions,.Thomas-Leonard Productions,Edelman-Persky-Denoff Productions,Thomas-Leonard-Spelling Productions.Thomas-Leonard Enterprises.
GOOSEYGOOSE9 23 months ago
Make Room For Daddy AKA The Danny Thomas Show Had Backdoor Pilots Like The Real McCoys Starring Walter Brennan And Richard Crenna,As Well As Love And Marriage Starring Stubby Kaye,The Barbara Stanwyck Show A Dramatic Anthology,The Andy Griffith Show,Which In Turn Hosted Pilots For Gomer Pyle.USMC,And Mayberry RFD,The Joey Bishop Show,Which In Turn Hosted A Pilot For Kentucky Jones Starring Dennis Weaver,Hey Dickens-I'm Fenster,The Danny Thomas Show,Hosted Pilots For The Bill Dana Show And The Tycoon,The Tycoon Hosted Pilots For I Spy And The Double Life Of Henry Phyfe.
bukhrn 32 months ago
9/12 not too bad I guess as most all were guesses, other than the actors, I never look at the credits
sayaw22143 34 months ago
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FLETCH 34 months ago
11 out of 12! Woo Hoo! Only missed #6
Peter_Falk_Fan 34 months ago
12/12 Quinn Martin produced some of my favorite shows: "The Invaders", "The F.B.I." (or "The FBI"), "The Fugitive", and "Tales of the Unexpected".
wanderer2575 34 months ago
#4 -- Rod Serling created "Night Gallery" but he was NOT its producer. Jack Laird was producer. Serling wanted nothing to do with its production; he said "There's not enough money in the world to take a guy over 40 and make him go through that grind again; that is, at least not me." It was a decision he came to regret, as Laird emphasized the bizarre and shocking over characterization and good storytelling. Serling assumed the producers would look to him for vision, since he was the creator and his name was on the show, but he was wrong. As the series progressed, many of his own scripts were rejected by the producers because they weren't shocking and frightful enough. Later, he reflected "On 'Twilight Zone' I took the bows but I also took the brickbats, and properly, because when it was bad it was usually my fault. But when it was bad on 'Gallery' I had nothing to do with it, yet my face was on it all the time."
Dajj 34 months ago
9/12 It was a tough one.
Jamesatkinson 34 months ago
Two incorrect? Guess I need to start watching the full credits.😏
AnnieM 34 months ago
11/12. Gotta say, I really miss the old Quinn Martin format: "With Guest Stars...", "Tonight's Episode...", plus Acts I through IV. Though it wouldn't be quite the same without that same person's voice (was it actually Quinn Martin? It was the same voice on all the shows.), but I still wish somebody would use that format again.
Peter_Falk_Fan AnnieM 34 months ago
I always remember "Next...The color" and "The Ford Motor Company presents...The FBI". Henry F. "Hank" Simms was an announcer for some QM productions. Richard Lewis Wesson (Dick Wesson) did early QM productions like "The Invaders" and "The Fugitive".
FLETCH AnnieM 34 months ago
If they ever did bring that back, it would sure remind me of more innocent times of my youth
scp 34 months ago
12 out of 12.

Didn't Make Room For Daddy have a kind of backdoor pilot for The Andy Griffith Show?
SteveO 34 months ago
12 / 12
Spent way TOO much time watching the tube apparently!
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