Can you match these planets to the right classic sci-fi shows?

Do you know “the Ghost Planet” from the planet “Q”?

The science fiction genre allows for all manner of creative stories to be told and shows from the 1960s and '70s took full advantage of that freedom— even if their budgets didn’t quite match the writers’ ambitions.

From anthology shows to speculative space operas, classic science fiction series brought viewers to all kinds of planets across the galaxy.

Here are some unique planets shown on TV during that era. Can you guess which show each one is from?

  1. The planetoid known as Memory Alpha is a galactic library on which show?
  2. This unnamed planet is home to many larger-than-life monsters in which show?
  3. They went camping on the moon in which classic animated show?
  4. Arrival on the groovy planet Delta is hailed by colorful pyrotechnics in which show?
  5. This planet had twin suns long before Tatooine in Star Wars. What show is this from?
  6. In the episode “The Ghost Planet” this world was home to robots ruled by a giant cybernetic brain in which show?
  7. This space colony was seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation but before that it was used for both planets Aldebaran II and Zantia in two different episodes of…
  8. This ice planet hides a giant laser weapon in which show?
  9. Young Martin Sheen and his fellow astronauts battle aliens on the planet Ebon in which show?
  10. This planet with the simple name “Q” is from which show?

Can you match these planets to the right classic sci-fi shows?

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Wenatchee7 2 days ago
8/10 guessed on more then half of the questions
Debbie 4 days ago
4 out of 10. I dont watch that many sci fi shows..
scp 4 days ago
10 out of 10. I think I might have seen all the specific episodes those images came from, except Land of the Giants.
jtrain 4 days ago
5/10, not a big Sci fi watcher.
AllisonWunderland 4 days ago
8/10...Amazing 🤗 I really thought this was gonna be an epic fail 😉
Moody 5 days ago
8/10.. Question #10 the correct answer is technically Star Trek: The Next Generation.
dmirarh 5 days ago
LoL 5/10 not that good. I even guessed on the one's I got right.
DerekBird 5 days ago
You got 8 out of 10
You passed with flying colors! Great job!
JHP 6 days ago
NOW if this was a DS9 quiz - I'd ace it hands down
JHP 6 days ago

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - totally unwatchable

Me-Tv - bring back other limits when its in the dumpster:)
HulkFan02 6 days ago
7 out of 10, surprised that there wasn't incredible hulk
jimmyvici 6 days ago
6/10…my mind must be in orbit somewhere, lol
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