Are these friends or enemies of Lucas McCain in The Rifleman?

Can you tell the allies from the adversaries in North Fork?


While most people know Lucas McCain for his skills in a gunfight, it wasn’t all shootouts and tough talk on The Rifleman. Lucas was always there for his neighbors and had plenty of friends in North Fork.

Do you remember which visitors came to town on friendly terms and which ones were out for blood? Try to differentiate between Lucas McCain’s friends and his enemies based on these images alone!

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  1. Micah Torrance was definitely Lucas McCain's...
  2. Did horror actor Lon Chaney Jr. play a friend or enemy of Lucas McCain in The Rifleman?
  3. Hattie Denton ran the general store but did she and Lucas get along like friends or enemies?
  4. Was this cat lover who came to North Fork a friend of Lucas McCain's or an enemy?
  5. Comedian Buddy Hackett played two characters on The Rifleman but as Daniel Malakie, was he a friend or enemy to Lucas?
  6. Don Chimera del Laredo fancied himself a chivalrous knight but was he Lucas' friend or enemy?
  7. This man, known as Dorf, came to North Fork looking for Lucas McCain — but as a friend or enemy?
  8. Italian Count Alfredo di Montova had a good smile but was he a friend or enemy to Lucas?
  9. Dennis Hopper played a sharpshooter who beat Lucas in a marksmanship competition. After, were they friends or enemies?
  10. Ma Boyle came to North Fork looking for Lucas. Was she his friend or enemy?
  11. Was Harley Hannabury a friend or enemy to Lucas?
  12. Sammy Davis Jr. played two Rifleman characters but as Tip Corey he was Lucas McCain's...
  13. Before he was Goober Pyle, George Lindsey appeared in The Rifleman as Lucas McCain's...

Are these friends or enemies of Lucas McCain in The Rifleman?

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Blcakandwhitetvfan 9 days ago
I missed one because the man who played Count Alfredo di Montova also played a character once who came to North Fork to kill Lucas
GTStang08 22 months ago
#9 Should have read something to the affect of Dennis Harper (Vernon) having won by way of forfeit of Lucas McCain. Lucas actually threw the shooting competition to protect Mark.
Jeffrey 29 months ago
"You got 11 out of 13" --------Did you know all these foes or did the friendly faces fool you? ---I got #s 2 and 13 wrong.
GTStang08 32 months ago
Now wait a minute, #8, I got Cesare Danova's portrayal of Count Alfredo di Montova's first appearance mixed up with his latter appearance in season five in which he played Mario Arsatti, someone hired to kill ole Lucas McCain. I did the same with the Sammy Davis Jr. episode shown here on the quiz. A couple of tricky ones for sure. 11/13...still not bad.😉
CathyK 32 months ago
13 out of 13!
But #7 is wrong. Dorf did NOT come to town looking for Lucas. Dorf was in a prison wagon stopped in town for supplies; Lucas rapped Dorf's knuckles to make him let go of Mark; Dorf swore revenge on Lucas, escaped, and holed up in Sweeney's until Lucas emerged from the hotel to fight him.
TZ_TAGS_59NC 34 months ago
11/13 Great series, but wish I had a dollar for each time Lucas was beat mercifully by a small gang! One on one he held his own and usually prevailed.
ScoobyDoo169 34 months ago
I got 11/13. I was thinking of the other episode Sammy Davis is in.😂
JERRY6 34 months ago
10 of 13 , not good as i've seen most those episodes
OlgaBagley 34 months ago
The friendly faces try to fool me
Jamesatkinson 34 months ago
Ridiculous 6/13 and I love the show. 😢
jholton30062 34 months ago
11/13. Missed #6 and #12.

We tend to think of Buddy Hackett as a comedian and Sammy Davis Jr. as a singer, but both had pretty impressive acting credentials.
Snickers 34 months ago
11 out of 13 Won't want to be a enemy of Lucas boy.
Deleted 34 months ago
This comment has been removed.
denny 34 months ago
He played a pretty mean character in one episode and a ditzy one in another. I heard he wasn't very nice in real life.
malulu 34 months ago
The Sammy one got me.. I should have read the question fully thru because it even said there was two episodes he was in but I only remembered him being a friend on both.. he did start out as bad guy but in the end of both I thought they become close ..
malulu malulu 34 months ago
I got 11 out of 13.. missed the one about the cat guy..
Snickers malulu 34 months ago
When Sammy played the enemy he was a gunfighter out for revenge for his fathers death. Lucas ended up shooting him at the end so I guess they were not friends.
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