Can you match these magicians to the right TV shows?

Everyone from Orson Welles to The Amazing Randi performed magic on classic TV.

The art of illusion has existed as long as humans have. Surely, one caveman pulled a rock out of the ear of another. But magic, and the people who performed it, exploded in popularity with the advent of television. Magicians were frequent guests on variety and talk programs in the '60s and '70s. Even scripted shows got in on the act!

Here are 11 characters who performed tricks on classic TV. Can you match the magician to the correct show?

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  1. Real-life magician The Amazing Randi appeared on which TV show?
  2. The magic man "Zalto" appeared on which classic sci-fi show?
  3. The Great Raftini (or at least his cape) was on...
  4. Which sitcom featured this cute magic show?
  5. This swindling magician had twin daughters on which show?
  6. Dick Van Patten played a magician on...
  7. What show brought on Orson Welles to perform a few tricks?
  8. Which TV detective investigated a mystery involving The Great Santini?
  9. John Carradine stole the show as Marvo the Magnificent on which sitcom?
  10. This peddler playing card tricks and his daughter stopped by which classic Western?
  11. The Amazing Zeigler gets caught in a murder mystery on which show?

Can you match these magicians to the right TV shows?

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RobertK 12 months ago
9 of 11. I didn't think I would do as well on this one! Maybe it was a bit of magic!
JeffPaul76 23 months ago
Can you match these magicians to the right TV shows? ---''You got 10 out of 11'' -----Did you have your thinking cap on for this quiz? I got #10 wrong, I said Wagon Train, when it was Gunsmoke.
LynCarceo 24 months ago
6/11. never saw any of them, so I guessed all.
EllisClevenger 25 months ago
You got 9 out of 11
Did you have your thinking cap on for this quiz?
Missed #10 and #11
CrowTServo 26 months ago
8/11. I’m impressed that I got that many.
EllisClevenger 27 months ago
You got 10 out of 11
Did you have your thinking cap on for this quiz?
Missed #11
EmBee 27 months ago
Left out Hal Linden's Blacke's Magic and Bill Bixby's The Magician.
JeffPaul76 EmBee 23 months ago
You are so right. I miss The Magician a lot. I thought it was better than My Favorite Martian, but not as good as The Incredible Hulk, which co-starred Lou Ferrigno as The Hulk.
SiwashJeff EmBee 11 months ago
I picked up a box set of every episode of The Magician on DVD about a decade ago. So awesome!
Cyn_Finnegan 27 months ago
Zalto looks a lot like the late Al Lewis.
GregLemieux Cyn_Finnegan 27 months ago
He was indeed played by Al Lewis, and he was hilarious. (So was his dummy.)
Catman 27 months ago
I still have a few tricks up my sleeve.
scp 27 months ago
8 out of 11; I don't watch the westerns.
Edward 27 months ago
9 / 11. Just go by the backgrounds for the most part. Had to as I did not watch most of these shows.
Barry22 27 months ago
10/11, and magically guessed.
dodgebob 27 months ago
7/11, I'm not as think as you bad I am..............
Filmnoirfan 27 months ago
11/11 - fortunate to get all of them correct. Guessed on Orson Welles being a magician on I Love Lucy. Did not look much like Charles Foster Kane by then. Rosebud...
ELEANOR Filmnoirfan 27 months ago
Only Lucy had enough star power to get Orson Welles to appear on her show!
He did appear on another show {Or rather his voice did:} He was the voice of the novelist Robin Masters, {he was the one who invited Magnum to stay at his mansion;} on 5 episodes of Magnum P.I.
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