Can you match these lyrics to the correct Western theme song?

Sing along… it helps!

Classic television Westerns were not just great drama and adventure — they also had some wonderful sing-along tunes. Many came with jaunty ballads about the legend of the cowboys and lawmen of the show. Sometimes they played in the opening credits. Some series played these ditties over the closing credits.

If you grew up watching Westerns, they are branded on your brain.

We gathered some unique lyrics from Westerns of the 1950s and 1960s. See if you can match them to the correct shows. Remember — not every Western theme had lyrics.

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  1. "My heart's a calculatin', my true love will be waitin'…"
  2. Johnny Cash sang, "He roamed through the west… He wandered alone…"
  3. "Gamblin' is his game. Smooth as the handle on a gun…"
  4. The star sang, "Happy trails to you, until we meet again…"
  5. "Brave, courageous and bold. Long live his fame and long live his glory…"
  6. "He wore a cane and derby hat…"
  7. "A knight without armor in a savage land…"
  8. "When you hear the tootin' of the whistle, it's _______ at the throttle of the Cannonball Express…"
  9. "A joggin' along with a heart full of song, and a rifle and a volume of the law…"
  10. "There was a gun that won the west. There was a man among the best. The fastest gun or man alive…"
  11. "Worn down around the old panhandle, Texas is where he grew to fame. There ain't a horse that he can't handle, that's how he got his name…"

Can you match these lyrics to the correct Western theme song?

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JQ 16 days ago
Ok, from now I will read my typing so I don't sound a like a 4 year old kid.
JQ 16 days ago
Folks, somebody tell me the ME Tv persons put the crummy answers to quiz???????? I said that last week about the old movie star photos. Where are they answers?
dethLSMO89 1 month ago
8 out of 11. Not bad 4 not watching westerns.
Cowgirl 1 month ago
You got 11 out of 11
You galloped right through that with ease!
MarleenDavis 1 month ago
10 of 11. Yikes. I must watch way too many westerns but I love them! I was hoping they would have the song from Hopalong Cassidy, that was my favorite as a young girl.
MrBill 1 month ago
8/11; only knew a few and guessed on the rest. I am not much of a western fan.
booster 1 month ago
11/11 I really like westerns.
Shatner1 1 month ago
9 out of 11. Never heard of colt 45.
KellyShort 1 month ago
You got 7 out of 11
lucky guesses
fda 1 month ago
Another super easy quiz. It would be great to see Colt .45 or Casey Jones on ME-TV.
SusanWilkinson 1 month ago
Don’t know The Rebel.
It premiered in 1959 and ran for two seasons. Nick Adams played Johnny Yuma. He called the character a Reconstruction beatnik and apparently wanted Elvis to sing the theme song.
booster CarolKelley 1 month ago
The theme song was sung by Johnny Cash. A tragic end to Nick Adams life. He died of a drug overdose, at age 36, in 1968.
The Rebel, wish I could remember the Star, but the song was sung in my house constantly by my brother and myself. Johnny Yuma, was a rebel........ It was (obviously very catch for young kids)
MikefromJersey 1 month ago
I may be wrong but I don't see that the Bonanza episode "Caution Easter Bunny Crossing" is slated to
be shown during the upcoming Easter week. You haven't lived till you have seen Hoss in a bunny costume
hopping around the Ponderosa, while battling crooks.
JeanInTN MikefromJersey 1 month ago
You just hit on the reason I rarely watch Bonanza; too many episodes have too much silliness. They would be cute on occasion, but I like watching dramas better. I'm glad you like it; I'm just letting Me-TV know that I'd rather see shows with more action/drama.
Robin MikefromJersey 1 month ago
Well, I am a female who loves Westerns, but sometimes I like a little comedy in them too, instead of all shoot-em up murder. I loved the one with Hoss, Joe, and the little people dressed in green. I laughed till I almost wet myself!
MikefromJersey JeanInTN 1 month ago
JeanTN, NBC didn't like the humorous episodes but producer David Dortort and the cast loved doing them. If the Cartwrights were based on real people they would have been known as Murder Clan USA. I once started adding up all the people Joe killed in one season and stopped when I got to a dozen in no time. The cast needed a break from that, Dan Blocker for one had his fill of real killing in the Korean War. I love Bonanza, I even contributed in a tiny way to David Greenland's
excellent book on Bonanza(told him about Blocker playing a Zombie on the 3 Stooges, plus some other stuff) but at times lazy writers just resolved things by having a gunfight.
Director John Ford knew the value of humor in war movies, so the killing doesn't overwhelm everything. In real life, soldiers at the Front have always embraced humor in order to cope.
MarleenDavis Robin 1 month ago
Then you would love, love, love the old Hopalong Cassidy episodes or films. MeTv hasn't shown them (yet) but they are on another pay network.
Runeshaper 1 month ago
You got 8 out of 11
You galloped right through that with ease!

Was a bit hasty there, dang it! LOL
BlkCowboy 1 month ago
This was a fun quiz. I did not know a few of the themes or shows. I LOVE westerns and would like know where I can view more. Thanks for great programming and bringing back some of my childhood memories.
JeanInTN BlkCowboy 1 month ago
I've recently been watching some old westerns on a cable channel called FETV. I found it on my cable system several months ago. INSP channel also has a lot of westerns and John Wayne movies. I would like to see Me-TV add more dramatic westerns and not have so many sitcoms during Prime Time.
bobbygood 1 month ago
I did it! It has been two months since I aced one of these quizzes. I had to guess a few times but it still feels pretty good to get one perfect. I hope I don’t break my arm trying to pat myself on the back.
BobD 1 month ago
9 of 11. Mostly WAG's! (Wild A$$ Guesses)
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