Can you match these lyrics to the correct Western theme song?

Sing along… it helps!


Classic television Westerns were not just great drama and adventure — they also had some wonderful sing-along tunes. Many came with jaunty ballads about the legend of the cowboys and lawmen of the show. Sometimes they played in the opening credits. Some series played these ditties over the closing credits.

If you grew up watching Westerns, they are branded on your brain.

We gathered some unique lyrics from Westerns of the 1950s and 1960s. See if you can match them to the correct shows. Remember — not every Western theme had lyrics.

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  1. "My heart's a calculatin', my true love will be waitin'…"
  2. Johnny Cash sang, "He roamed through the west… He wandered alone…"
  3. "Gamblin' is his game. Smooth as the handle on a gun…"
  4. The star sang, "Happy trails to you, until we meet again…"
  5. "Brave, courageous and bold. Long live his fame and long live his glory…"
  6. "He wore a cane and derby hat…"
  7. "A knight without armor in a savage land…"
  8. "When you hear the tootin' of the whistle, it's _______ at the throttle of the Cannonball Express…"
  9. "A joggin' along with a heart full of song, and a rifle and a volume of the law…"
  10. "There was a gun that won the west. There was a man among the best. The fastest gun or man alive…"
  11. "Worn down around the old panhandle, Texas is where he grew to fame. There ain't a horse that he can't handle, that's how he got his name…"

Can you match these lyrics to the correct Western theme song?

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trogg888 10 months ago
Cant carch me on western songs.i could probably sing most of them by heart too
Gayleistoons 11 months ago
8/11....amazing, I went with rhyming words.
dmzabooo 11 months ago
Dismantled that quiz 11/11. or you can say I lassoed that bad boy!
Spaceseed 11 months ago
11/11. When tv wasn’t political.
cripplious Spaceseed 7 months ago
Even being non-political is choosing a political postion
oldmoe51 11 months ago
9/11 pretty good since I didn’t watch most of these shows
AKTV 11 months ago
10/11 Missed number 5. Love those old westerns.
Toot1956 11 months ago
11/11 and I guess a majority of the answers , never heard of some of the shows.
frenchman71 11 months ago
10/11. Got #8 wrong. It helps to have 6 CDs of just about every TV theme from the 50s to about 2000. My favorites were "Have Gun Will Travel" & "Bronco". They should've also listed "Cheyenne".
MikefromJersey frenchman71 11 months ago
Cheyenne had one of THE best themes ever, period.
Wendy57 11 months ago
I know my themes.
Born in the West and know most of the rest.
My dog killed a raccoon tonight. I’m not happy about it, but, I’ll bury it in the morning. ☹️
dmzabooo Wendy57 11 months ago
Fido was just doing his job. But I can see the rabies thing is what you're probably worried about? From one dog lover to another, keep your eye out with your dogs health.
Wendy57 dmzabooo 11 months ago
For sure !
I think we treat our dogs better than we treat ourselves most of the time.
MichaelPowers 11 months ago
Managed to get all of 'em, partners. BTW, it's "born" not "worn" for the Bronco lyrics.
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