Are you an Andy Griffith Show season one expert?

Take a look back on that first year in Mayberry.


Some shows take a while to find their footing. For many series, that first season is a real proving ground and the first chance to work out what makes the project special. That wasn't the case, though, for The Andy Griffith Show. The show and its principal characters had been worked through several times before the program aired. TAGS was off to the races right away.

But maybe the details of season one get a little... lost in the shuffle for you? We hope not because you'll need all the memory you can conjure to beat this quiz. Let other fans know your score in the comments section below!

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  1. What is the name of the Taylors' old housekeeper who gets married and moves away?
  2. How does Andy help guitarist Jim Lindsey get ahead in the business?
  3. Why does Ellie come to Mayberry?
  4. Season one, Episode 11 is the only Andy Griffith Show Christmas episode. What's it called?
  5. Who plays Floyd the Barber in his first appearance?
  6. In "The Horse Trader," Andy tries to sell what to an antique dealer?
  7. In "Those Gossiping Men," there's a rumor that a traveling shoe salesman is secretly which of the following?
  8. Who's the judge of "The Beauty Contest?"
  9. Who does Barney arrest in "Andy Saves Barney's Morale?"
  10. Who is revealed to be the descendent of a Revolutionary War hero in "A Plaque for Mayberry?"
  11. A state inspector stirs up trouble in Mayberry by harassing whom?
  12. What does Ellie give a shy farm girl in "Ellie Saves a Female?"
  13. What is the name of the waitress Barney sometimes dates?
  14. What's wrong with Sam Becker in "Quiet Sam?"
  15. Where does Opie fall asleep in "Bringing up Opie?"

Are you an Andy Griffith Show season one expert?

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braycy 1 month ago
15/15 & no I'm not going to take the Raymond Burr test, not a fan
Antenna2 5 months ago
Two years before TAGS Howard McNear first appeared as Andy the barber in a Leave it to Beaver episode.
Antenna2 Antenna2 5 months ago
A rare 100% score - guess I've seen the first season many times.
Calhoun1959 9 months ago
14/15. Didn’t know the actors name who initially played Floyd the barber. The other ones were pretty easy.
dominicanbride1 9 months ago
14:15. Whoo hoo. I’m a fan favorite
Coolrain 9 months ago
got 14 out of 15
Are you sure you're not from Mayberry?
JustSteveJones 9 months ago
15 out of 15! I love all this pop culture knowledge in my head. It's a gift and a curse. LOL
theoIV 9 months ago
Yes I'm from mayberry New York, 15 was a lucky guess,,
STTOS 9 months ago
I got 15 out of 15 - Are you sure you're not from Mayberry? Perfect like I was for the Season 2 test. And I will say it again: MeTV - PLEASE SHOW THE ENTIRE SERIES, INCLUDING SEASONS 6-8!! Thank you.
BenjaminMosesCookeIII 9 months ago
12/15 1st Season & 7/10 2nd Season. I did very well.
braycy 9 months ago
10/10 & 15/15 Yes def know bout The Andy Griffith show, it might be an old show but its better than the crap on tv today!
oldmoe51 9 months ago
13/15 very good I liked this quiz
Gayleistoons 9 months ago
14...I don't know actor's names, who played Floyd before Floyd ? I did know who it wasnt!
BenSobeleone Gayleistoons 9 months ago
Walter Baldwin. He was the first Floyd the barber. I just remember him from one episode: "Stranger in Town" the episode where the stranger Ed Sawyer who arrives in Mayberry seems to know about everybody in town.
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