Can you fill in these blank Flintstones episodes with the correct character names?

See how well you remember these classic episodes!

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The Flintstones had dozens of memorable characters, from the Rubbles to the celebrity guest stars. Those Bedrock folks got into all sorts of high jinks involving shrinking potions, aliens, ventriloquism and more!

Let's see how you remember these Flintstones episodes. Try to fill in the blank with the correct name! Don't worry — we've given you hints about the plots. Good luck!

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  1. This character is shrunken down to a tiny size in "Itty Bitty BLANK."
  2. This little green guy was introduced in the sixth and final season with "The Great BLANK."
  3. This character was introduced in the season four episode "Little BLANK."
  4. This character becomes a star on their favorite TV show 'Sassie' in the episode "BLANK Goes Hollyrock."
  5. A hiccup cure turns this character invisible in "BLANK the Invisible."
  6. Fred steals this character's money to buy a bowling ball in "BLANK's Vanishing Money."
  7. This character is accused of being a diamond thief in "Kleptomaniac BLANK."
  8. This character uses ventriloquism skills to make Pebbles "speak" in "Ventriloquist BLANK."
  9. This character become Fred's maid in "BLANK, the Maid"
  10. The plot of "Old Lady BLANK" involved a rocking chair and a shady character named Greta Gravel.
  11. Fred and Barney plan to play hooky from work and see a ballgame in "Operation BLANK" but end up in a hospital.
  12. A famous film director is spoofed in "BLANK Brickrock Presents."

Can you fill in these blank Flintstones episodes with the correct character names?

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