Can you find the one TV character who was not a cousin?

One of these twelve people was not a "cousin." See if you can find the one!

There is an intruder on our little "family reunion!" We gathered a dozen classic television characters. Eleven of them were famously "cousins" on their beloved shows.

Some were called "Cousin," while others… well, you just have to know.

First, examine them all closely. Then see if you can find the non-cousin in one guess! Keep clicking until you find the non-cousin. Good luck!

  1. Pick the ONE character that was NOT a memorable cousin in classic TV!

Can you find the one TV character who was not a cousin?

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mariaG 7 days ago
Scored first try lol uncle martin!!!!
Dajj 13 days ago
3rd try was the charm!! I should have known right away it was Unca Martin!!!
Joseph 20 days ago
That's Walston, not Walton.
Coldnorth Joseph 12 days ago
I didn’t even realize they spelled his last name wrong. Good catch
WILD 22 days ago
"Uncle" Martin
Correct! That's Ray Walton from My Favorite Martian! They called him "Uncle" but we all knew he was not of this world. Nice work!

Another easy one.
bnichols23 26 days ago
Shoot, that one was way too easy. Then again, I've been a Ray Walston fan since I was a kid, mainly from "South Pacific."
wesleytkeel 26 days ago
Get off your duff and write new quizzes. At least one a day. Gaa!
Moriyah 26 days ago
When are they gonna do a Gomer Pyle quiz like this one? (Let me know)
LoveMETV22 27 days ago
I do like the show. Ray Walston and Bill Bixby are great actors. Not sure if he's My Favorite Martian.
There's a few others:
The Martians of War of the Worlds- both movies.
Looney Tunes- Marvin the Martian.
I like all of them and I know there's a few others. Can't say one is favorite.
Zip LoveMETV22 26 days ago
How about ALF? Ok, he's not really a Martian cause he's from Melmac.
I thought the Martians from Mars Attacks were pretty funny.
LoveMETV22 Zip 26 days ago
You can consider whatever you wish for Alf- I think he's just an alien though.
Well there's a few others:
Mars Attacks!" (1996)- with Pierce Brosnan, Danny DeVito, Natalie Portman and Jack Nicholson.
"My Favorite Martian" (1999) remake- with Christopher Lloyd.
And a few others. There's a good movie: (I haven't seen it in a while, I'm going to look it up)
"The Martian 2015" with Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig, Jeff Daniels. Damon becomes an inhabitant of the Red Planet after his crew accidentally leaves him behind.
CoreyC LoveMETV22 24 days ago
J'onn J'onzz of Justice League.
texasluva LoveMETV22 22 days ago
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Martanrick1975 27 days ago
I got it right! He was called Uncle Martin 🙂
Mukusthebadd1 27 days ago
I picked ×××××÷÷++×+× and I was right!
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