Which classic Western is Michael Landon in?

He was in a dozen cowboy shows even before playing Little Joe in Bonanza!

Though Michael Landon will forever be remembered as Little Joe Cartwright in Bonanza and then Charles Ingalls in Little House on the Prairie, he played many more characters in the fictional Old West.

His very first screen role was in the extremely short-lived (two episodes were filmed but only one episode aired) Western Luke and the Tenderfoot. Incidentally, Luke may have failed but many of the actors in it including Landon, Charles Bronson, Lee Van Cleef, Ellen Corby and Leonard Nimoy went on to have long Hollywood careers.

Here is Landon in ten better-known Westerns. Can you name each one he’s in?

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  1. Which Western is Michael Landon in here?
  2. Can you tell which show Michael is in here?
  3. This is Michael in an episode of...
  4. Which Western is Michael in here?
  5. What show is this from?
  6. This is Michael with the title character of which Western?
  7. Michael played this well-dressed character in which series?
  8. Which Western is Michael in here?
  9. Michael had a small role as a soldier in which show?
  10. Which anthology series is Michael in here?

Which classic Western is Michael Landon in?

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Joseph 10 months ago
I got the first eight right, then blew 9 and 10.
PilotTom 10 months ago
I did bad , only 5 out of 10 . Speaking of bad did this board know that : OTA MeTv station "WFOXDT2HD" channel 30.2 in Northeast Florida refuses to air two great TV shows , Andy and Green Acres . They will not answer emails as why they will not !
srrainwater 10 months ago
6/10. Son of a b.......I forgot. This is a family app
greyhound 10 months ago
4/10 I got the first 4 right, then bombed out.
country46 10 months ago
it was kind of hard for me 7/10
graceful1970 10 months ago
I knew that was Hoss in the picture, and still didn't pick Bonanza. I got Cheyenne wrong too.
Douglas 10 months ago
got 8/10 correct! missed numbers 6 and 7.
Catman 10 months ago
Well, 6/10 and I didn't even get the "Bonanza" one right.
Patty18 10 months ago
Interesting. Never heard of Tombstone Territory.
Muleskinner 10 months ago
9/10. Missed the last one. I sure wish MeTV would bring back Trackdown and start showing The Adventures of Jim Bowie.
graceful1970 Muleskinner 10 months ago
They show Trackdown on MeTV+
Zip 10 months ago
7/10. Missed #7,8, & 9.
Saw the wagon in 9 and thought it might be a hint.
On #8 I only watched Rawhide so it was a tossup on the other ones, and I chose wrong.
And I never even heard of Tombstone Territory.
retro6 10 months ago
8/10 missed the Cheyenne and Zane Grey ones. Didn’t see Clint Walker and thought I correctly deduced Wagon Train from the wagon wheel in the background. I was in the fence with Zane Grey and Death Valley Days since they are anthology series with new characters every week.🥴
10 months ago
Is it weird that I just want to disappear into the nostalgia of tv and movies of yesteryear? I go to lunch with my coworkers and one guy is always asking me if I saw this or that tv show or movie. I tell him, to stop asking and assume that I do not if it is a mainstream movie or show. I am now on a Honeymooners kick. I recently discovered the Inner Sanctum series with Lon Chaney, Jr. To hell with the current garbage. I love learning the language/phrases of different eras; where women were referred to as a dish or a tomato and gay meant having fun or being in a good mood. Men wore suits and hats and women, in kind with their dresses. Far cry from people who shop in pajama pants and house shoes. 🤦🏻‍♀️ … thank you for your time. I am now done rambling.
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Catman 10 months ago
aaaaaaahahahahahaha. I will have to try and find that on youtube!
Catman cabugi 10 months ago
Me neither too, also. Seinfeld. Not a hater, just never got it.
However, having said that. Jason Alexander, as George Costanza, brought some outstanding comic performances to the show. Jerry could barely keep a straight face when delivering a joke; Jason truly *became* the character and was the best part of the show, IMO.
JulieTV cabugi 10 months ago
I enjoyed your rambling as well! It is not weird at all! I love these old TV shows and I love TV trivia. I just get lost and daydream about these shows. They take me to a better place in time and love these actors. Better than the junk that is on now.
JulieTV 10 months ago
Exactly. I escape to an age that I did not grow up in but thoroughly enjoy. The writing was better, the story lines were better, the aesthetics were better. Classy all the way!
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