Can you guess what decade these vintage camper ads are from?

Take a road trip down memory lane with these nostalgic vans, RVs and trailers.

Modern motorhomes may have amenities like TVs and microwaves but there’s nothing like the comfort of a classic Airstream or the style of a pop-top VW bus.

Starting in the 1950s, Americans put the new interstate highway system to good use exploring long stretches of the country by car and recreational vehicle companies soon caught up with the demand for houses on wheels.

Here are 12 vintage ads from the 1950s-1980s guaranteed to make you nostalgic for a cross-country road trip. Can you guess which decade each camper is from?

  1. What decade is this Flamingo trailer ad from?
    Image: Flamingo
  2. This motorhome ad is straight out of the...
    Image: GM
  3. Vans, pickup trucks, van pickup trucks - take your pick! What decade is this ad from?
    Image: Dodge
  4. What decade is this trailer ad from?
    Image: Shasta
  5. This motorhome was designed by a former DeLorean engineer. What decade is it from?
    Image: Vixen
  6. What decade is this pop-up trailer ad from?
    Image: Wheel Camper Corp.
  7. This RV ad is from the...
    Image: Dodge
  8. What decade are these Airstreams from?
    Image: Airstream
  9. What decade is this pop-top VW ad from?
    Image: Volkswagen
  10. This long trailer is from the...
    Image: Spartan
  11. These spacious trailers are being advertised in the...
    Image: Yellowstone Inc.
  12. What decade is this van ad from?
    Image: Volkswagen

Can you guess what decade these vintage camper ads are from?

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Martanrick1975 24 months ago
3/12 At least I got 3 right 😊
Proud2baBoomer 25 months ago
11/12 missed that Airstream 5th wheel.
L 25 months ago
Every once in a while I see the mother of all trailers...a Winnebago.

It's like a house on wheels.
Jeffrey L 22 months ago
Well, Winnebago Industries built "Wheel of Fortune's" "Wheel-Mobile". Big yellow job.
Lacey 25 months ago
12/12 Wow that even surprised ME.
frenchman71 25 months ago
7/12. Not much of a camper fan.
L frenchman71 25 months ago
Trust me on this one. It's better than sleeping in a tent.
frenchman71 L 25 months ago
Agreed. And I never even slept in a camper.
country46 25 months ago
8 of 12 the 80s look like the 70s
tsgabel country46 22 months ago
I agree - and I got those wrong! Oh well, my family never went camping - ever; we would have hated it.
MrChrisM 25 months ago
7 out of 12 isn't bad considering some were before I was born.
MaryAnn 25 months ago
4/12 Yeah, I bombed this one. We always used a tent!
scp 25 months ago
Nine out of twelve. Some trouble distinguishing between the 50s and 60s, but one of them looked more 70s than 80s.
SashaPayneDiaz 25 months ago
10/12 Guessed wrong on Alpha & Omega.
oobusdoobus 25 months ago
a few of these don't know what they are talking about. trick questions, things that spanned 2 decades, etc.
Blondie7 25 months ago
8/12 Dis well until the 70's toward the end.
RobertK 25 months ago
9 of 12. I did really well on the ads that showed RV's and vehicles, I'm sort of a car nut. The tow behind campers from the 50's and early 60's really didn't change too much over those years. The Airstreams always looked like Thermos bottles and the style from year to year is very similar, but the newer type tinted windows said 80's to me. Another fun quiz!
Columbow 25 months ago
12/12.. # 2 lookalike in the drive...
Zip 25 months ago
2/12. Got the first one correct and it was pretty much downhill from there. With no brakes.
Saw #5 and knew THAT thing must be from the 80's. And I want one. Looks like something from a 1980's sci-fi flick.
Zip 25 months ago
I am going to comment even before I take this quiz, that I am probably not going to do well on this one. I will post my score after I see what the damage is.
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