Can you match the TV sitcom to the correct mother-in-law?

Try not to let down the in-laws.

What's a family sitcom without a good mother-in-law character? She may cause grief for a certain husband or wife, but they're great comic relief. 

We're going to give you the names of some memorable TV mothers-in-law β€” oh, plus a few fathers-in-law for good measure. 

See if you can match the character name to the correct sitcom! Good luck!
  1. Daisy Mae Moses appeared in 274 episodes of this classic sitcom alongside her son-in-law.
  2. Olivia Jefferson was often a thorn in the side of Louise.
  3. Endora gave Darrin all he could handle.
  4. Which sitcom featured the mother-in-law Clara Petrie?
  5. Marie Barone was the quintessential mother-in-law on this '90s sitcom.
  6. Pearl Slaghoople was a mother-in-law fond of wearing pink.
  7. Jacqueline Bouvier can be found on which sitcom?
  8. Granny Frump is a monstrous in-law from which sitcom?
  9. On which sitcom would you find Mother Zbornak?
  10. Mrs. Gibson was the mother in law on what classic black & white sitcom?
  11. Time for a few father-in-laws. Which show had the father-in-law character named Sam Dracula?
  12. Bub O'Casey was the father-in-law on this family classic.
  13. Finally, Gordon Jump played father-in-law Ed Malone on this '80s sitcom.
Can you match the TV sitcom to the correct mother-in-law?

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JosephScarbrough 4 days ago
THE SIMPSONS isn't a sitcom, it's an animated series.
"King of the Hill" was both.
Bobbo 4 days ago
12/13 missed #10 as I had no clue.
JamesReyes 4 days ago
I got 11 out of 13. Must have missed the other 2.
Geronimo 4 days ago
Not bad...........................11/13
MrBill 8 days ago
12/13; never watched the Simpsons and missed that question but otherwise easy quiz.
MrsPhilHarris 8 days ago
8/13 I haven't seen some of them.
JeffTanner 9 days ago
You got 9 out of 13 ---------Well, you might have let down the mother-in-law, but we still think your effort was pretty impressive.
Barry22 9 days ago
11/13, but how could you leave out the show entitled "The Mothers-in-Laws"?
ETristanBooth Barry22 8 days ago
A good show from Desi Arnaz, trying to reproduce the Lucy-Ethel dynamic. I have the box set, but I think many people have forgotten it.
EllisClevenger 10 days ago
You got 10 out of 13
Alright! So says living with the in-laws is such a bad thing?
I would rather live with my wife's in-laws, than I with mine.
Your comment makes no sense at all, when you say "I would rather live with my wife's in-laws, than I with mine." Well, your wife's in-laws are YOUR parents, are they not? So, would you like to live with your parents, or not? Or your wife's parents?
Makes perfect sense. If you don't overthink it. Does this help?
I would rather live with my parents (my wife's in-laws) than I would want to live with her parents (my in-laws).
Is that clear enough for you?
anthony 10 days ago
cperrynaples 10 days ago
13/13! Strangely, on Diff'rent Strokes, Jump was a suspected pedophile in a "very special episode"!
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