Can you match the correct scene to famous TV episodes?

We give you an episode. You choose from three scenes.

Even the best-loved episodes in classic TV history can begin to blend together when you've watched and rewatched these shows the way we do at MeTV.

For today's quiz, we want to test your memory of famous episodes by giving you three scenes from one show, and asking you to choose the one from the episode we've referenced.

Think hard about each episode and try not to fall for any of our decoys. Good luck!
  1. On Gilligan's Island, "The Little Dictator" made Gilligan his puppet leader. Pick the scene from "The Little Dictator":
  2. On The Brady Bunch, "Tiger, Tiger" found the family dog missing. Pick the scene from "Tiger, Tiger":
  3. On The Twilight Zone, we met many alien creatures, including "The Invaders." Pick the scene from "The Invaders":
  4. On I Love Lucy, Lucy tried out many careers, possibly the funniest in "Job Switching." Pick the scene from "Job Switching":
  5. On The Andy Griffith Show, Opie learned a lot from Andy about standing up for himself in "Opie and the Bully." Pick the scene from "Opie and the Bully":
  6. On M*A*S*H, the pilot episode was mostly a great big party. Pick the scene from the pilot:
  7. On Bonanza, there were a few eerie episodes, including "Devil on Her Shoulder," about a religious group who accused a woman of being a witch. Pick the scene from "Devil on Her Shoulder":
  8. On Wonder Woman, "The Deadly Toys" gave us double the Diana Prince when a toymaker builds an android replica of Wonder Woman. Pick the scene from "The Deadly Toys":
  9. On WKRP in Cincinnati, the station has to deal with an aggressive band they invite to town in "Hoodlum Rock." Pick the scene from "Hoodlum Rock":
  10. On Lost in Space, monsters of the week became a draw, including "The Questing Beast." Pick the scene from "The Questing Beast":

Can you match the correct scene to famous TV episodes?

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Runeshaper 19 hours ago
You got 9 out of 10
Nice job! You even made robot Wonder Woman smile.

WKRP in Cincinnati - I need to watch that!
Hazel 3 months ago
9 but no statement and pic
JeffTanner 8 months ago
You got 8 out of 10 ----------Nice job! You even made robot Wonder Woman smile.
EllisClevenger 8 months ago
You got 6 out of 10
Some of those questions turned you into the Questing Beast, seeking more right answers! Next time, try teleporting.
Correct on the shows I watched. The others, not much cared for.
nerakr 8 months ago
7/10. Missed sci-fi and westerns. Surprise, surprise.
BuckeyeBeth 8 months ago
8 out of 10!πŸ»πŸŽ‰
But I'm totally horrified that I've apparently seen that horrible Lost in Space episode enough times that I didn't even have to think before I tapped. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€£
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