Can you match Star Trek characters to their first ever lines of dialogue?

Who was talking about weepers, warp speeds and frequencies?

The Enterprise crew sure knew how to make an entrance. Thanks to the transporter, they could materialize out of thin air!

Television audiences were awestruck when Star Trek made its debut on September 8, 1966. "The Man Trap" introduced viewers to Kirk, Spock and many of the other beloved characters. Some came around later.

But our question is — do you remember the first things they said?

Try to match these lines to the correct characters! Good luck!

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  1. "We'll have to head directly there at warp six, sir. Insufficient time to stop off at Vulcan."
  2. This character was heard but not seen when saying, "Locked on you, Captain."
  3. "Mr. Spock, sometimes I think if I hear that word 'frequency' once more, I'll cry."
  4. "In here feeding the weepers, Janice."
  5. "Miss Uhura, your last sub-space log contained an error in the frequencies column."
  6. "Captain's log, Stardate 1513.1. Our position, orbiting planet M-113."
  7. "Is that how you get girls to like you? By bribing them?"
  8. Which villain said upon his entrance, "Meaning no ingratitude, gentlemen, but just where is it I find meself?"
  9. "The lab status report, doctor."
  10. Which classic villain simply said, "How long?"
  11. "Oh, Green, what went on down there? … Who do you think you are?"

Can you match Star Trek characters to their first ever lines of dialogue?

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STTOS 17 months ago
You got 10 out of 11 - You crushed it! Nice work! Usually a very good score but I expected to get them all. Missed #4 and immediately pictured the scene in my head when I got it wrong. Oh well...
wspillersw7 17 months ago
Never was a fan of the old star trek. Even as a kid the set looked fake. Give me the next generation.
Irish 17 months ago
Missed 3 on the Star Trek quiz.
djw1120 17 months ago
10 out of 11
It was very logical.
fortunequest 17 months ago
My mind is like the original series... it's getting hazy!?
ELEANOR 17 months ago
I have watched every episode at least once and I really don't remember Janice Rand.
MrDbutler69 ELEANOR 17 months ago
They got rid of her roughly halfway(?) through the first season, presumably because she was becoming a romantic interest for Captain Kirk, and they didn't want him being tied down to just one woman.
Runeshaper 17 months ago
You got 6 out of 11
Hmm… these readings seem a little off.

Definitely a little off LOL
Michael 17 months ago
You got 11 out of 11. You crushed it! Nice work! Been a Star Trek fan since I started watching it and reading the books from the library.

ndebrabant 17 months ago
You got 10 out of 11
You crushed it! Nice work!
anthony 17 months ago
6/11.It's amazing how you can get more then half of the questions right on a subject you know absolutely nothing about.
BrittReid 17 months ago
7/11.Not a Trekkie
djw1120 BrittReid 17 months ago
"TREKKER"!!! not "Trekkie".
Bret 17 months ago
You got 11 out of 11
Trekker since the sixties!
Moody 17 months ago
8/11. Better than I thought I would do.
jojo68 17 months ago
11/11. Knew most, guessed at others.
teire 17 months ago
7/11. Good quiz, it will be interesting to see how the Treksperts do.
cperrynaples 17 months ago
6/11! i'll explain my score! [1] Chekov was second season, so I didn't consider him! [2]Who else but Scotty? [3]And who else but Uhura? [4]Would have never considered Sulu! I have a few suggestions for what I thought he said, bur I'm afraid of being slammed! [5]Picked Kirk, but forgot the obvious! [6]And that of course would be that every episode began with the Captain's log! [7]Why would Bones say that?[8]Who else would say meself instead of myself? [PS According to Spellcheck meself isn't even a word!] [9]And who else but Chapel? [10]He was stranded in space, so of course! [11]Should have remembered the green dancing girl from the credits!
cperrynaples cperrynaples 17 months ago
OK, I'm going to say that while 10 was said by Khan, it's proably what Sulu said to a fellow crew member when he was off-duty...LOL!!
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