We will guess your age based on your taste in Halloween candy

Really, it all comes down to licorice and sour candy, right?


Whether you are giving out candy or going door to door in order to collect it, Halloween is all about the candy. And you will end up eating a bunch of it.

But what do you reach for first? Which is your favorite? Do you find candy corn scarier than zombies?

We think we can guess your age based on your Halloween candy opinions. It's not an exact science. Then again, kids in costumes don't look exactly like who they're supposed to be. It's all in good fun. 

Let us know how brilliant or poorly we performed!

  1. Give us your take on candy corn.
  2. Pick something with peanuts.
  3. Tell us your feelings on black licorice.
  4. You can only have one kind of bar from the Hershey's Miniatures bag. Which is it?
  5. Does a Tootsie Roll count as "chocolate"?
  6. Pick a pop.
  7. Pick something red.
  8. What best describes your relationship to sour candy?
  9. Pick a little round candy.
  10. Finally, pick a candy that starts with "N".

We will guess your age based on your taste in Halloween candy

Your Result...

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Nikki0 6 months ago
Literally made me 31 years deep than my actual age. I'm curious how is this calculated.
RachelR 6 months ago
They were in the correct decade.
igaveyoumyfakename 6 months ago
Only missed it by 26 years and 11 months. LOL.
LLRaven 13 months ago
25 🤣 nope not even close
LynCarceo 31 months ago
It guessed me younger than I am.
DerekBird 31 months ago
Are you 34-ish?

No, I'm 56. I have no idea what that last one was.
ttenchantr 31 months ago
71? I said I hate black licorice! I'm 58.
Chad123 40 months ago
My result was 62 years old, more than double my actual age of 28 years old.
Br0ther1KB 43 months ago
71 ish BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAH! Well I was a kid in 1971.
Geronimo 43 months ago
This quiz was way off. They had me as almost twenty years older than I am.
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