Can you I.D. these famous musicians by their nicknames?

Earning one of these made you eternally famous – can you prove it?


Michael Jackson. David Bowie. Sting. These are the names of musicians that have solidified their place in history. When you hear their music, you know the song in an instant. Sometimes, you even know the album and the year it was released. Musicians are tasked with creating songs that will resonate with their fans, and we've gathered a list of memorable acts to identify. 

However, we don't want to know their names. We want to know if you can I.D. these famous musicians by their nicknames. It's going to take a real music whiz to get even 10/15 of these correct, so turn on your tunes and get ready; it's a nickname quiz!

  1. Who is known as the "King of Rock 'N Roll"?
  2. Who is known as the "Queen of Soul"?
  3. Who is known as "The Man in Black"?
  4. Who earned the nickname "Satchmo"?
  5. Adoring fans simply call her "The Voice". Who are they referring to?
  6. There were known as "The Fab Four". Who were they?
  7. Who is referred to as the "Goddess of Pop"?
  8. He was known as either "The Genuis" or "The High Priest of Soul." Do you know who we're talking about?
  9. Who is "The Boss"?
  10. She was known as "The Coal Miner's Daughter." What's her real name?
  11. They call him "Slowhand". Who are "they" talking about?
  12. These three female voices have been called "The Vocal Trinity". Which three individual singers were included in this nickname?
  13. He was once said to have the most nicknames of any musician. These included "Mr. Dynamite", "Godfather of Soul", "Soul Brother No. 1", and "The Hardest-Working Man in Show Business." Who is he?
  14. He has the sinister name, "The Prince of Darkness." Who is this person?
  15. What is Ella Fitzgerald's nickname?

Can you I.D. these famous musicians by their nicknames?

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DerekBird 36 months ago
You got 15 out of 15
Bravo, Master of Pop Culture Nicknames! You're a nickname genius!

Although Ozzy has a box set called Prince of Darkness and it is his nickname, he doesn't have a song called Prince of Darkness. Alice Cooper does and has had it when he recorded it for his 1987 release Raise Your Fist and Yell which features “Prince of Darkness”, which is featured very briefly in the John Carpenter film of the same name, in which Cooper has a cameo as a murderous vagrant. The song can be heard on the Walkman of one of his victims.
RedSamRackham DerekBird 36 months ago
* Me too! ☺
Moverfan 54 months ago
The Slowhand question sparked a memory. There's an album cover (I assume Mr. Clapton's) that shows a big wall with the words Clapton Is God--and there's a dog who's...shall we say, giving his opinion (watering the wall) down in the corner.
bubbasmith Moverfan 36 months ago
It wasn't an album cover. Just a photo that sparked a meme (before the word meme had been coined).
Flintster 57 months ago
Never heard of that nickname for Cher.
kathyo 57 months ago
13/15 not bad.... being that i guessed most of
DawnGraham 57 months ago
13/15, Never heard Cher be called "the goddess of pop"
RedSamRackham DawnGraham 36 months ago
* IMHO she devolved from beloved young hippy chick into gay icon yet still a great talent! ☺
thedude1500 57 months ago
12 is just plain wrong. The three autotuned pre-packaged pop hacks would be more like it.
DerekBird thedude1500 36 months ago
CD is a big Hypocrite. She refused an award (A Quebec Felix award) for her first English album. She refused it saying that "she was not an English singer". Then Disney asks her to record a song for a movie and she didn't tell them that she wasn't an English singer. I have hated her since. I also don't like that people associate it with being from Montreal, when it came from Quebec shitty.
CDB_at_MeTV 57 months ago
I am a 15/15 Nickname Genius!...unlike Ray Charles, who was "The Genuis" ;-)
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