Can you guess why these dangerously popular vintage toys got banned?

It's all fun and games until it's every mom's nightmare.

From toy ovens that got hotter than real ovens to toxic chemicals released by popular toy after popular toy, kids in the 1960s and 1970s struggled with risk factors that kids today have never known.

To have your favorite toy recalled was a necessary disappointment, with consumer advocates keeping kids out harm's way by questioning each shiny new toy you pointed to in your mom's holiday Sear's Wishbook.

Think you can remember the reasons why these retro toys were deemed too dangerous? Take the quiz below and see how many toys you can recall being abruptly taken away back in the day.
  1. The 1960s Little Lady Stove caused some heated debate and was later banned, because it got this hot:
  2. In the 1970s, how many people were sent to the emergency room due to an injury playing Jarts?
  3. There were a couple issues with Creepy Crawlers in the 1960s. Which of these is NOT a reason why the toy was banned?
    Image: YouTube
  4. Which feature of this unusual 1960s spy toy, Sixfinger, alarmed parents most?
    Image: YouTube
  5. Kids in the 1960s could create their own toys with the Vac-U-Form, but do you remember why it was recalled?
  6. What was so dangerous about these 1970s Clackers that led consumer groups to advocate for them to be banned?
    Image: Sooberman/Wikipedia
  7. Out of these vintage toys, which one was not recalled because of toxic fumes?
    Images: Pinterest/Top of Texas Gazette/Remembering the 70s
  8. Moon shoes were the toy that kept orbiting back into our lives, but what common injury happened pretty much every time?
    Image: Hardback Heaven/Etsy
  9. The 1979 'Battlestar Galactica' Colonial Viper toy fired missiles that caused the toy to be banned because they led to which risk?
    Image: Vintage Toy Archive

Can you guess why these dangerously popular vintage toys got banned?

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MarkJamesMeli 9 months ago
I guess I only played with REALLY SAFE toys. Thanks mom and dad.
EllenKearnsAsleson 9 months ago
I had the Water Wiggle. It REALLY hurt to get hit in the head with the top of that thing.
melanieofoz 9 months ago
I loved Dip-a-Flower. We played Jarts when we were kids and never once got hurt. I really miss the toys from yesteryear.
LittleMissNoName 21 months ago
It was alleged, that I was responsible for thoughts and long periods of depression.
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