Can you guess which show the cast of Perry Mason is on?

Can you place Raymond Burr, Barbara Hale and the others?

A core group of characters stood at the center of every Perry Mason episode. There was Perry himself, of course, and his loyal team of Della Street and Paul Drake. Helping him along the way were tough cops like Arthur Tragg. Then there was the crafty legal opposition, D.A. Hamilton Burger. 

Any fan knows the cast like family. But can you recognize them in different settings?

Below, you will find the Perry Mason stars in sci-fi, Westerns, comedies and thrillers. See if you can place them!

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  1. Raymond Burr faced an iconic movie monster in this 1956 blockbuster.
     Image: The Everett Collection
  2. Burr later guest starred alongside Bob Denver on this 1970s show.
  3. Back in 1951, Burr was a guest star on the very first episode of this franchise. Ironically, it aired on a Sunday not a Friday.
  4. William Hopper was no stranger to courtrooms. Here he is on trail for being a "Robin Hood" type character on which Western?
  5. Hopper played Natalie Wood's father in this classic James Dean film.
     Image: Warner Bros.
  6. It's Burger time! Here is William Talman sporting a mustache on a Western. Which one?
  7. Talman played a convincing, creepy bad guy in this 1953 thriller.
     Image: RKO Radio Pictures
  8. Barbara Hale appeared on her son's TV show in 1982 as "Paula Hinkley." (He is not pictured here.) Which show is it?
  9. Hale and Burr re-teamed in 1971 for this series.
  10. Ray Collins, who played Lt. Tragg, appears here in an episode of which family sitcom?
     Image: Screen Gems
  11. Connie Cezon, who played the receptionist Gertie, appeared in a 1959 slapstick comedy from these knuckleheads.
     Image: The Everett Collection

Can you guess which show the cast of Perry Mason is on?

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ll675i 48 months ago
#2 Christopher George is there too
ndebrabant 49 months ago
You got 11 out of 11
You cruised right through that one in style! Nice work!
Lacey 66 months ago
OK, not so good on this one. 8/11.
I must say I have developed a bit of respect for Ray Collins, having seen him in a number of films over the last few years. I am sorry I did not recognize his talents sooner.
AreliaPendergrass 67 months ago
I got them all but one, only because that stupid ad by Vistaprint was covering the question and I couldn’t remove it! 😠
TheKodakKid 67 months ago
Raymond Burr was a regular, playing Friday’s captain, on the radio version of “Dragnet”. Series creator Jack Webb was Joe Friday on it as well.
bogiefan1957 67 months ago
I love Perry Mason I watch it twice a day on MeTV, he owned the role then and he owns it now although, sadly he is deceased.
Geronimo 68 months ago
Quiz whiz...........................11/11
Bobbo 68 months ago
10/11. Missed #4 - Westerns are my weak spot.
MrBill 68 months ago
9/11; missed Gunsmoke and the Hitch-Hiker. Never heard of the Hitch-Hiker movie and did not recognize anyone in the image from Gunsmoke and missed the question.
Snickers MrBill 33 months ago
If you look close Marshall Dillion is in the picture.
MrsPhilHarris 68 months ago
10/11. Missed Rebel Without A Cause. I admit I did not like that movie.
William Hopper was also Rhoda's ( The Bad Seed) daddy.
I thought for sure they’d have that one! I was looking for it. Haha 😊
DIGGER1 68 months ago

You got 11 out of 11
You cruised right through that one in style! Nice work!
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