Can you guess which classic show Jamie Farr is in?

He was on TV for over a decade before starring in M*A*S*H.

Among such venerable colleagues as Alan Alda, Loretta Swit and Harry Morgan, it could be hard to stand out, but Jamie Farr certainly left his mark as Corporal Max Klinger in M*A*S*H. By the time he started on the iconic Korean War sitcom, Farr had already been perfecting his craft for over a decade in many other classic shows.

Here is Jamie Farr in sitcoms, dramas and science fiction series both before and after M*A*S*H. Can you guess which show each image is from?

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  1. What show is Jamie in here?
  2. Jamie made deliveries in multiple episodes of which sitcom?
  3. This is from an episode of...
  4. What show is this?
  5. Whose show is Jamie on here?
  6. What show is this?
  7. Jamie passes by the camera in a literal blink-and-you'll-miss-it role in which show?
  8. Jamie played a radio engineer in which show?
  9. Which show is this?
  10. Jamie appeared in a color episode of which sitcom?

Can you guess which classic show Jamie Farr is in?

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vinman63 7 days ago
When Jamie Farr's father died. Jamie wanted to quit and Red Skeleton convinced him not to.
wanderer2575 7 days ago
He was one of the original judges on The Gong Show, along with Arte Johnson and Jaye P. Morgan.
Tracye 10 days ago
9/10 missed #6 for some reason I thought I'd seen him on Bonanza.
JERRY6 11 days ago
10 of 10 first pass in a long while , somany shows he was in , was expecting at least one Mannix pic
TheDavBow3 13 days ago
8/10. He was good in the My Three Sons show.
RichLorn 16 days ago
Jamie is getting ready to sneeze. Take cover!
lyckligflicka 17 days ago
Missed only #6, the color through me off. MeTV doesn’t show too many of the color Andy Griffith Show. Wish it would!
LynCarceo 17 days ago
5/10; never saw any of the shows mentioned
lynngdance 17 days ago
Btw, I may have mentioned this before but, Jamie Farr (And William Christopher, incidentally) was also in the Doris Day movie, “With Six You Get Eggroll”. They played Hippies! 😄
STTOS 17 days ago
You got 10 out of 10 - Did you finish this quiz in style or were the questions and answers a little mismatched? I had to take an educated guess on one or two but managed to get them all correct. HOLY TOLEDO!!! (Get it?)
Kenner 18 days ago
9/10. How could you miss most of these? Especially #5 & #8. Lol.
Steve67 18 days ago
7/10 Could have been worse. Missed #'s 5 , 9 & 10
thomasfarmer 18 days ago
Guess I’ve been watching way too much classic TV…
Lonster50 thomasfarmer 18 days ago
Me too! But it's the only thing my family and I want to watch 🙂
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